Someone Did a Website to Check When Your COVID-19 Vaccination Status Will ‘Expire’

In light of the fact that the measure of “vaccine validity” will come into effect on 14 February 2022, a particularly conscientious and tech-savvy Singaporean Reddit user called jordanlys95 has created a website where you can check when your vaccination status will expire.

For your kind service, I tip my hat to you, good sir.

Call Back to Vaccine Validity

In previous articles, anything that has been related to Multi-Taskforce Press Conferences or Dialogue from Health Ong Ye Kung recently, the phrase “vaccine validity” has been a commonly used phrase.

Just to give a quick refresher, there are two important time periods that you must keep in mind:

150 days or five months after taking your primary vaccine regimen, like the double-dose Pfizer-BioNTech/Moderna or the triple-dose Sinovac, you are strongly recommended to take a booster shot because the effectiveness of your vaccines drops under 60%.

Taking a booster shot before or slightly after five months will bring the vaccine effectiveness back up to 75% at least.

By 290 days or nine months of taking your primary vaccine regimen, your full vaccination status will no longer be valid since your vaccines have been rendered ineffective by then.

Should your fully vaccinated status lapse, you will be considered unvaccinated under the Vaccination-Differentiation Safety Management Measures until you take the recommended booster shot.

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The Simple Brilliance of the Website

Although the Ministry of Health (MOH) has always been very timely with appointment messages and informing the Singapore public when they are recommended or available to take vaccine or booster shots, having another way of checking can come in handy too.

Example of a MOH appointment message

The website that jordanlys95 created is called Vaccine Gowhere.

It essentially helps you calculate how many days are left until your valid vaccination status expires without being overly intrusive on personal details.

It simply asks for you to go onto your TraceTogether application and tap on the ‘Vaccination Status’ to check for the date of when your vaccine regimen has come into effect.

Afterwards, it lists when you’re eligible to take a booster shot since there’s a brief period of time (typically three months) in between the administering of the primary vaccine regimen and booster shot.

The website even conveniently connects you to the appointment booking portal and the clinics that you can go to.


How handy is that!

The reddit user takes their work very seriously too, because right below these two sections, they even direct you to the Frequently Asked Questions of the MOH website regarding vaccines and booster shots.

It’s kind of adorable that they also loudly disclaim in capital letters that their website is “not affiliated, association, authorized, endorsed by or any way officially connected to the Singapore Government, the Ministry of Health or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates”.

Take a chill pill, fellow reddit user, you’re doing a meritorious public service, not some grand scheme of evil.

It’s an undeniable fact that the website is a very handy tool in ensuring that the members of Singapore are keeping up with their own vaccination status. 

Kudos to you!

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Featured Image: Vaccine Gowhere