Bar at Somerset Broke COVID-19 Regulations Openly & Led to Infection Spread


Some colleagues went to Candy K-Bar together, got infected with COVID-19, and started a cluster with their other coworkers that didn’t go to the bar. What a mess, right?

Candy K-Bar, located at Somerset Road, has been ordered to close for 20 days following a slew of COVID-19 breaches.

Dart Games, KTV Systems, Group Sizes Above Five, and Alcohol After 10:30PM

The bar had allowed a social gathering above the permitted group size (which is the aforementioned group of colleagues), thus flouting COVID-19 regulations. They also sold and allowed consumption of alcohol past 10:30pm.

Candy K-Bar also provided dart games and a KTV system to customers, which is not permitted under COVID-19 regulations.

As for the infected colleagues, they went on to infect at least 10 other coworkers who didn’t go to the bar. The Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE) stated that further investigations are being conducted.

27 Businesses Ordered to Temporarily Close

Candy K-Bar wasn’t the only one ordered to close for 20 days. 26 other businesses, including shopping malls and hotels, were also ordered to temporarily close for breaching safe management measures.

Fragrance Hotel in Balestier allowed those on stay-home notice to leave their rooms, and did not ensure that everyone entering the hotel took their temperature. Meanwhile, York Hotel at Mount Elizabeth allowed a social gathering of more than five during a staycation.

Why the Ridout Road Colonial Houses Saga is Actually NOT a Saga:

Both hotels have to suspend new room bookings for 10 days.

Multiple eateries, including Burger King at Plaza Singapura and Go Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice at Nex, had repeatedly failed to ensure safe distancing between groups of customers.

Repeat offenders like Lu La along Ann Siang Road, which allowed alcohol consumption after 10:30pm, was also ordered to close for 70 days.

Businesses and Individuals Fined For Breaching SMM

29 businesses were fined for breaching COVID-19 regulations, like failing to ensure safe distancing between customers, staff members failing to wear masks, and not checking vaccination statuses of customers.


Amongst these 29 businesses were six repeat offenders:

  • Cash Studio Family Karaoke at Eunos Road
  • Club Luxe at Upper Weld Road
  • Fluff Stack at Tampines One
  • Ocean Star Bar & Grill at Orchard Road
  • One15 Marina Club at Cove Drive
  • Whisk Group at Tebing Lane

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MSE also stated that 341 individuals have been fined for breaching safe management measures and vaccinated differentiated regulations. These include gathering in groups larger than permitted, as well as mask-related offences.

19 people’s particulars were also taken down on 23 January for gathering in larger-than-permitted groups in parks and beaches.

The National Parks Board, which manages these areas, will be taking enforcement action against these offenders as well.

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