S’pore Covid-19 Task Force Says Number of Cases Could Increase Drastically, Asks S’poreans To Be Mentally Prepared


The COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore and all over the world is showing no signs of slowing down.

In fact, the Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong said yesterday that we should be mentally prepared for a “spike” in coronavirus cases here.

Co-Chair Of Covid-19 Task Force Warns About Possible ‘Spike’ of Cases in S’pore

Lest you’re unaware, Mr Wong co-chairs the multi-ministry task force spearheading the battle against the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore.

He had announced a series of enhanced measures to try to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus and made a remark that Singaporeans need to be ready for an increase in cases.

Mr Wong said, “Despite our very best efforts, we have to be mentally prepared for the number of infected cases in Singapore to go up.”

Though we are used to seeing only a couple of new cases each day, he warns that this can easily change.

“You see this in other countries too, where you have very few cases for a few days and then suddenly, one incident occurs… and there is a sharp spike in cases and sustained transmission. This has happened elsewhere, it can happen in Singapore too.”

In addition, countries that have little or no reported cases might still have undetected cases going around. *cough* Indonesia.

“We cannot stop it from happening. The only way to stop it is if you were to isolate and shut ourselves out from the world. But I don’t think that is a tenable situation.”

No Need To Panic

However, there is no reason to panic and wipe out all the toilet rolls at NTUC (again) because he assures that border controls and other measures are still in place.

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“We can still identify where the sources of risk are, and we can take appropriate measures to reduce the risk from these infected sources.”


Singaporeans can also safeguard themselves by exercising good personal hygiene.

The enhanced measures mentioned include preventing visitors with a history of recent travel to Iran, northern Italy and South Korea from entering Singapore.

That and a swab test for visitors who display symptoms of the virus at various checkpoints.

This comes as countries like South Korea face an explosion in cases.

At the time of writing, there are more than 5,000 confirmed cases in South Korea, with hundreds more cropping up each day.

Defer Non-Essential Travel To These Countries

The Health Ministry has advised Singaporeans to defer non-essential travel to Iran, northern Italy, South Korea and Japan as these countries have observed a surge in cases.

To add on to that, the Ministry of Manpower said that from 11.59pm today, all work pass holders and their dependants with recent travel history to these areas will have to acquire approval before they can travel to Singapore, regardless of their nationality.

Singapore has removed 11 worker’s work permits because they tried to test the system.

And once they have arrived in Singapore, they must observe a 14-day-Stay-Home Notice.

This does not come without consequences because Singapore’s tourism sector is expected to be impacted by the new travel restrictions.


So Take Care Of Yourself & Others

After reading this article, you’re probably going, Oh no, we’re all gonna die!

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We’re not.

While a spike seems inevitable and South Korea was used as an example, you must remember that South Korea is in the state it is today because of a stubborn ‘Crazy Ajumma‘.

So as long as we all do our part, we’ll all pull through.

Don’t be too scared until you refuse to step out of your house too because even PM Lee (with the use of pretty birds) says it’s the best time to come out.

Do keep yourself updated with MOH’s website for Covid-19 here.