Health Minister Says It’s ‘Inevitable’ We Will See COVID-19 Deaths in S’pore; Patients in ICU Increased from 7 to 9 Yesterday

6 Mar 2020 wasn’t a great day for Singapore.

Shortly after the health authorities told Singaporeans to be prepared for more Covid-19 cases in Singapore, we reported 13 new Covid-19 cases, the highest number of new cases reported so far.

But there’s more.

Health Minister Says Covid-19 Deaths in S’pore Inevitable

Singapore has been lucky so far and had zero Covid-19 deaths two months into the outbreak.

But soon, this might not be the case, health minister Gan Kim Yong warns at a press conference.

He said that it is “inevitable” that Singapore will soon see Covid-19 deaths just like what is happening all around the world.

Out of the 130 confirmed cases in Singapore, 82 of them have fully recovered and have been discharged.

The number of Covid-19 patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has also increased by two, from 7 to 9.

Healthcare Workers Working Hard To Support The Patients

Gan said that the healthcare workers in Singapore are trying hard to take care of support Covid-19 patients.

Patients who were previously in the hospitals also had good things to say about their stay at the hospital.

It was added that the government has extended the stay of Covid-19 patients as well. This will help ensure that the patients will not unknowingly spread the Covid-19 virus to the community.

Patients are only discharged after they have tested negative for the virus.

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Elderly And People With Pre-Existing Conditions More At Risk

According to Worldometer, a website run by an international team of developers, researchers and volunteers to provide relevant statistics to the world, the elderly and people with chronic diseases are most at risk of succumbing to the disease.

People above the age of 80 have a 21.9% probability of dying while people from 10 to 39 years old has a 0.2% probability of fatality.

Image: Screengrab from Worldometer

It was also found that people with pre-existing conditions have a higher fatality probability rate compared to people with no pre-existing conditions.

Image: Screengrab from Worldometer

Be Safe, But Not Paranoid

If you’ve been keeping attention the various media reports such as the latest one about lift sharing and Covid-19 transmission, you’re probably feeling really scared right now.

For this, Minister Gan has wise words for you:

Right now, our best weapon against Covid-19 isn’t temperature taking. It’s not 100% foolproof.

Instead, Singaporeans should have a “better be safe than sorry” attitude.

Go see a doctor if you’re feeling unwell.

Stay away from crowds.

Always wash your hands with soap frequently and avoid touching your face.

And if you’re healthy, just go on out and eat and shop.

After all, the most devastating effect of Covid-19 isn’t death, but the complete halt of normal life and our economy.

Do keep yourself updated with MOH’s website on Covid-19.

P/S: A huge increase in the number of new Covid-19 cases might not be necessarily bad. It simply means that we are now detecting more cases that might’ve gone undetected otherwise, just like Iran.