Coz S’pore is Freezing, a Restaurant Blows Hot Air for Diners Instead

First, there were flash floods and now Singapore is experiencing a cold spell of sorts as temperature dips below 24 °C.

Yesterday, it was 21.9°C in Ang Mo Kio and Admiralty and as of writing time, the temperature is 23° C!


So, yes, it is a cold spell of sorts (for us) due to the monsoon surge in the South China Sea and surrounding region.

Well, it is so chilly that a restaurant in Punggol had to up their thermostats, both indoors and outdoors.

House of Seafood restaurant has an alfresco area with four machines that blow out cool air but now, they blow out warm air instead.


And three of the restaurant’s air conditioners are set to 22 deg°C as opposed to their usual 18° C.

Typically, Singaporeans would seek solace indoors as it is always muggy outside, but now it’s the opposite!

The owner, Francis Ng said, ‘”We have been here for about 3½ years, and this is the worst rainy season yet. The winds are stronger, toppling our chairs and blowing leaves indoors,” said Mr Ng, who estimated that business has dropped by about 30 percent since the start of the wet season in November.”

Would it be too soon to invest in a heater?

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