Cruel Person Heartlessly Gouged Out Stray Cat’s Eyes & Left It To Bleed By Itself

A few days back, a dog got mercilessly thrown out of a moving car. Today, a stray cat’s eyes were cruelly gouged out by an unknown person.

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Since when have these adorable creatures hurt us? When will animal abuse stop? 🙁

Cat’s Eye Gouged Out 

In a video recently uploaded onto social media, it showed a man petting a poor cat after its eyes were gouged out.

The incident was believed to have occurred in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. In the video, a trail of blood that leads up to the poor cat can be seen on the cement floor.

Image: YouTube

Turn your volume up and you can hear the heartwrenching meows of the cat as it howls in pain.

Even after petting the cat, it does not move away from where it was at. It continued to face the wall.

Image: YouTube

Cat Has Been Sent For Treatment 

The cat has apparently already been brought to the vet for treatment. However, due to the fact that its left eye was completely gouged out, only what was left of the right eye could be treated.

Even then, the remaining eye continues to bleed profusely.

Twitter user @faezfeilzhalee said in a thread that the cat also had three punctures in its ear.

It has since been sent to an animal shelter for further care.

Not The First Cat Gouging Eyes Out Incident

A quick search on Google revealed that there were a lot more cats who had suffered the same fate as this cat here.

In 2012, in a horrific attack by a sadist in the UK, five cats were found to have one of their eyes gouged out.

Three out of the five were so badly injured that they had to be put down.

Remember the cat killings in Yishun? One of the cats that were attacked also had its eyes gouged out.

And in 2018, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) rescued two cats, one of which was missing an eye.

A vet had said that it was likely that the cat’s eye had been gouged out by someone.

We hope stories like these shed light on the severity of animal abuse. We can play our part in building a safe environment for the furry ones by reporting suspected cases of animal cruelty to Animal Veterinary Service (AVS) via its website at

I really hope none of such incidents occur again.


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