TikTok Sensation Raymond’s Dance With Social Media King SCDF Went Extremely Viral


Whether or not you dance on TikTok, you’ve probably seen Singapore’s most beloved TikToker, Uncle Raymond (@raymondl88).

And if you’re having trouble matching name to face, we’ve got you covered:

@raymondl88 Thanks for meeting Be happy. #raymondl88 #MRT @lilys455 ♬ 百年孤寂 – 183😜

If you’ve really never seen him before, then maybe it’s time to pray to the TikTok algorithm gods lah.

Anyway, if you’re wondering who on earth this uncle who randomly popped up on everyone’s TikTok For You Page (FYP) and is now everyone’s favourite celebrity to meet on the streets, here’s all you need to know about him (and his videos prior to becoming TikTok famous).

With most of his dance videos featuring the same self-choreographed routine along to a disco-ish version of Faye Wong’s “Hundred Years of Solitude”, he has danced from Joo Koon MRT to Tampines and everywhere in between.

He usually dances in public areas, such as outside MRT stations and shopping malls.

Well, I’m pretty sure he’s probably gone to more places through filming the videos than I have in my entire life.

His videos also often feature guests (i.e. literally anyone on the streets), allowing Singaporeans who want to dance with him (or have their ten seconds of fame. Or both.)

And of course, his videos are always accompanied by his trademark caption, “Thanks for meeting Be happy”.

Recently, however, the backdrop for one of his videos was a little more unique.

Uncle Raymond Dancing With SCDF

Just yesterday (21 May), the Singapore Civil Defence Force Facebook page uploaded the following video to their account:

Yup, that’s Uncle Raymond.

Not the one in the hazmat suit lah. The one in the red shirt.

In the video, the SCDF emergency responders at Tampines Fire Station were excellent sports and danced along with Uncle Raymond to his iconic dance routine, all while in full uniform.


And they even wrote “Thanks for meeting. Be Happy.” in their video’s caption, leaving many netizens amused and delighted to see the unexpected collaboration between the two.

Uncle Raymond also posted the same video on his TikTok account, just that this time his caption was “Fire safety is everyone’s responsibility”.

@raymondl88 Fire safety is everyone’s responsibility #raymondl88 #tampines fire station @syahrin_jjang ♬ 百年孤寂 – 183😜

Of course, many netizens gave major props to the responder in the hazmat suit, because we all know how hot Singapore has been lately and how hard it must have been to dance in such a stuffy uniform.

Thankfully, it seems like that emergency responder didn’t end up spending the entire duration of filming in his hazmat suit, for Uncle Raymond shared a practice video of the team before they donned their uniforms for the real deal:

@raymondl88 Let’s see a handsome man in an Hi High Performance Suit, Hazmat Suit or “Teletubby” Suit uniform! This is a practice video before we perform in front of the public at the Tampines Fire Station open house. Thank you for inviting tampines Fire Station. #Fire station @syahrin_jjang ♬ 百年孤寂 – 183😜

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Resumption of Fire Station Open Houses

And if you’re wondering if Uncle Raymond got some special SCDF fire station visit path, the answer is… No lah.

In the comments section, SCDF left a comment stating that they filmed the video on Friday (20 May) morning, and that the fire station open houses have once again resumed.

From 30 April onwards, members of the public can visit the fire stations on Saturday mornings if they are interested in learning more about the fire stations and how they operate.

There are two slots every Sunday: 9am to 9.50am and 10am to 10.50am.

SCDF has also shared the list of fire stations that are involved in the open houses.


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Featured Image: Facebook (Singapore Civil Defence Force)