Popular AMK Curry Rice Hawker Retiring After Operating for 45 Years Due to Ill Health


Despite its lengthy history, a 45-year old curry rice hawker stall will soon be closing down.

The owner, Mr Lin, has been operating the stall alongside his wife at Ang Mo Kio for nearly half a century. This month on the 24th, they’ve decided to finally close up shop.

According to the 80-year old owner, he fell seriously ill in 2019. In spite of his full recovery, he has chosen to retire to prioritise his health, especially since his doctor advised against straining himself.

The hawker stall’s closing is also partially due to the fact that there is no one to take over the shop. Though the elderly couple have three children, they each have their own individual careers, and hence would not be able to take over the family business.

“My older son is a construction manager, my daughter works in stocks, and my younger son does repairs for computers. They used to help out in the stall when they were younger, but now they think the job is too exhausting, and that it’s too hard to balance family life with it,” Mr Lin told Zaobao News.

How the Business Came About

At first, Mr Lin hadn’t planned on selling curry at all. In fact, he wanted to sell coffee! 

However, there was a surplus of coffee shops in the area, and hence Mr Lin turned to a Javanese lady he knew to teach him how to make the Javanese curry rice he served for so long. 


Apparently, after decades of dealing with vegetables and cutting onions daily, Mr Lin’s fingers have physically changed shape, bending to an O shape.

Nostalgia and Loss

The regulars that come to his stall are all very sad to see the stall close down. One 65-year old lady commented on how she would actually patronise the stall daily for dinner with her older sister because of the delicious and varied menu that reminded them of home-style cooking. 

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Mr Lin also talked about how he was reluctant to let the stall go, especially since he has so many regulars and he’s done the job for so long.

After the curry rice business closing, the physical stall will be rented out to a youtiao (fried doughstick) business.

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