41 Display Panels in Woodlands HDB Vandalised With Some Even Dropping on the Ground


If you live in an HDB flat, there’s a high chance you’ve seen the digital display panels (DDPs) around your block, or even in the lifts.

41 of these panels in Woodlands‘ HDB have been vandalised, with some even torn off the walls and left on the ground.

DDPs Smashed and Detached

The DDPs were rolled out in 2020, and they’re meant to help government agencies, community organisations, and even advertisers easily deliver news to residents. There are about 18,100 DDPs across Singapore, in line with our Smart Nation plans.

On 24 March, at least 41 DDPs installed in the Woodgrove and Marsiling estates were found vandalised. Ms Hany Soh, the Member of Parliament for those estates, posted about it on her Facebook page.

The photos attached showed the DDPs lying on the ground and detached from their wall mounts. They seem to have been smashed, as the screens were cracked. Broken glass from the DDPs can also be seen on the floor, which is pretty dangerous as many residents walk around the lift lobbies.

In her post, Ms Soh stated, “It is unfortunate that the DPPs intended to provide useful information for our residents have been vandalised in such a manner. I hope that we can all play our part in taking care of the facilities in our neighbourhoods for the benefit of everyone.”

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Police Report Lodged, Working with Target Media and Town Council

Vandalism is a serious offence punishable by law, and a police report has been lodged.

The police are currently working together with DDP operator Target Media and the Marsiling-Yew Tee Town Council to investigate this incident.

Speaking to The Straits Times, a spokesperson from Target Media shared that they received a call at 8am on 24 March from Mr Joe Tan, a senior property manager from the estate’s town council.

When the team arrived at the estate, DDPs were found smashed and detached. The wirings were also forcibly pulled out together with the panels, so there was a mess of broken mounting plate and snapped wires too.

Replacing the DDPs will cost about $650, and work to remove damaged panels and install new ones have already commenced. It is expected to take a week.

“Target Media is working with the town council to accelerate the pace of replacing these display panels so that residents will be able to obtain their community news.”

BTW, there’s been quite a few cases of illegal activity at Woodlands. Here’s to hoping we don’t have a Yishun 2.0 in the works.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Hany Soh)