Debunking Those FB ‘Magic Videos’: You Can ‘Read’ Others’ Mind Easily, Too

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, or you haven’t been paying your bills for more than two months, you should have come across one of these videos in your Facebook news feed.

Here, take a look at this.

Done by the popular Rick Lax, who apparently was the behind-the-scenes consultant for the legendary David Copperfield from 2011 to 2013, his videos have taken Facebook by storm, clocking in millions of views.

For example, that video garnered well over 67 million views in about two weeks. That’s like 13 times of Singapore’s population.

If you didn’t watch the video, here’s a quick summary: it’s merely a guy who can read your mind.

In fact, in all his so-called “amazing magic video”, he can read your mind like a boss.

Here, let’s break down the video mentioned above.

Firstly, you’re supposed to focus on one of the dots.

Go ahead. Give it a try. Don’t tell anyone which dot you’ve chosen.

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Because Mr Lax here will know which dot you’ve chosen.

Done? Okay, now, there would be letters around all the dots: you’re supposed to form a word with the letters that surround your dot.

No matter what, don’t tell anyone about the word you’ve constructed. Don’t be an idiot and think aloud.

Next, take a look at all these pictures.

Now, find a picture that is associated to your word.

Got it?

Okay, great. Now, Mr Lax knows exactly which picture you’re thinking of now.

It’s this.

By now you should be thinking, OMG did Mr Lax just read my mind from Facebook? I thought only Facebook can read my mind?

Then the real magic occurs: you’re encouraged to share the video if he gets it right.

But here’s the thing: he can never get it wrong.

It’s like asking you to share the video if you realize you can’t touch your forehead with your tongue.

Take a look at this image again.

No matter what dot you choose, you’ll get one of these words: tree, branch, wood, root or withe. Try it now.

And take a look at this picture again. The only image that is associated with these words is the tree.

In other words, no matter what dot you choose, you’ll end up with the same image.

But when you’re watching the video, you won’t have gone back to re-watch the whole thing, or choose a different dot, so you’ll be so impressed that you’ll do what he encourages you to do: share the video.

And ta-da: 67 million views and counting in two weeks.

Most of these videos work the same way: some of them can guess your birthday because you’ll do a series of calculations that go back to your birthday, some of them can guess what you’re thinking just like this one.

Despite its “trick”, it’s actually an ingenious way to improve reach in social media, given that engagement is one of the key metrics to determine a video’s reach.

Interesting much, no?

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