Decathlon Plans to Have 37 Outlets in S’pore With One More Mega Store in the North

Whenever Singaporeans want to buy sports equipment, the first brand that comes to mind is Decathlon. Whether you are looking to buy new weights or a badminton racket, Decathlon has it all.

But don’t think you can buy Mee Goreng there, though.

Since opening its first experience store in Bedok back in 2016, the French brand has opened another five mega stores and nine other “click-and-collect” outlets spreading across the tiny island.

Although this may seem like many, Mr Stephan Veyret, Decathlon Singapore’s Managing Director, has said that the brand intends to increase the number of stores in Singapore to 37.

Mr Veyret added that the goal of opening these many stores is so that Singaporeans will have at least one Decathlon store 10 minutes from where they live.

That means next time, if you forget to bring socks to the basketball court, you can just head to a nearby Decathlon outlet.

Plans to Open New Mega Store in the North

Most of the mega stores are located around the central area of Singapore.

This may be a reason why Mr Veyret has said that Decathlon is planning to open one more mega store in the northern part of Singapore.

Mega stores are different from “click-and-collect” stores as they allow customers to experience products such as bikes before purchasing them.

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Increase in Interest in Sports

Do you realise that out of any five friends you have, at least one of them now owns a bike?

This is probably due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has restricted our travel plans for the longest time.

With this new trend, Decathlon has benefitted in sales with many people taking on new sporting hobbies such as cycling and yoga. However, it has also seen a decrease in sales of swimming and football equipment.

With that being said, this year, they have seen a decrease in sales of gym equipment and an increase in sales of hiking gear due to COVID-19 rules being lifted.

Will Try to Keep Prices Affordable

Being able to offer low prices has been Decathlon’s business model since its start in 1976 and they are planning to keep it that way.

Due to the recent inflation, the brand has implied that they are facing challenging situations to keep the cost down.

Mr Veryet said that he cannot give an exact answer to whether or not Decathlon will have to adjust its retail price.

However, he has said that Decathlon will focus on being the more affordable option for its consumers.

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