Naomi Neo Claims Videos of Her Son Not Pre-Planned, Even Those Viral Ones


As one of Singapore’s OG influencers, it’s no surprise to see videos and content from local influencer Naomi Neo pop up on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok.

In particular, Neo has been especially active on TikTok in recent months, with many of her videos featuring her four-year-old son, Kyzo.

And recently, the 26-year-old influencer appeared on Streamers Go Live, a local reality show on Channel 8, as a mentor.

The show, which pitches various online influencers against each other as they dive into the world of e-commerce and live streaming, involved a segment where Neo explained the most important factors and tips to generate quality online content.

Several TikTok videos filmed by Neo were also shown to the streamers during the segment, with Kyzo being the star.

And between him telling his mother repeatedly to cover up her midriff and taking out toy weapons to try and “defend” Neo when she asks what he will do if she gets bullied, it’s not hard to see why Kyzo has won the hearts of netizens across TikTok thus far.


Videos Unscripted, But She Can “Predict Kyzo’s Responses”

After playing Neo’s TikTok videos for the streamers, host Lee Teng brought up a question regarding whether or not Neo’s videos with Kyzo are planned or completely unscripted.

(Of course, it’s also no surprise that some TikTokers and influencers do plan their content in advance to achieve their desired results.)

To that, Neo clarified on the show, “None of it was pre-planned, but I can predict my son’s response.”

She added that this allows her to prompt her son at times, such as during the “Nobody bullies my mummy” video.


“I will ask him what he usually says when mummy gets bullied, then I will [film] his response and edit the video accordingly,” she explained.

Apart from that, Neo also shared that her inspiration for her content comes from the daily interactions between her and her son, which also allows her to understand how he will react to certain prompts and things.

Puts Phone Away Right After Filming

As for whether a digital native like Neo is always holding onto her phone since children tend to say things or act in a certain way spontaneously, the answer might surprise you.

Neo answered that she tries to strike a balance between capturing her children’s daily lives and ensuring that she gets quality time with them, and revealed that she “always puts her phone away” after she finishes filming a video.

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Daughter Appears in Videos Less Often For a Reason

And for those who’ve been fans of Neo’s for some time now, you probably know that she not only has Kyzo but also a daughter, whose name is Zyla Rey.

Zyla, who is currently one year old, tends to appear in Neo’s videos less often, and it’s something that her followers have picked up on.

But it seems like there’s a valid concern behind her few appearances, for Naomi mentioned that she wants to wait until Zyla is older before asking her if she would like to appear in Neo’s TikTok videos.

The reason? Neo shared her perspective on how she feels that girls tend to get criticised more online, which is why she wants to ask her daughter for her permission before filming her.

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