Dietician Shares The Secret To Not Gaining Weight Despite Drinking Bubble Tea Every Day


Last Updated on 2020-11-18 , 7:27 pm

Just a few days back, I wrote a piece on how one man lost 15 KG in a month.

Merely by drinking beer for his meals.

A few weeks back, the internet looked in adoration as one man, transformed his body from a middle-aged man with a paunch, into an anime-hero-worthy torso using the One Punch Man workout.

Today though, we will be dealing with something that’s also very close to our hearts, stomachs and waistlines.

No big deal, just the ubiquitous bubble tea.

Bubble Tea and Sugar

If you don’t already know, a typical bubble tea contains approximately 20.5 teaspoons of sugar (102.5g)

It’s akin to opening up a pack of sugar, bidding adieu to your current waistline and possibly your heart while spoon-feeding yourself into oblivion.

Thankfully for us though, an apparently popular dietician, Donna Chen (yup, who’s that?), has taken to Facebook to share some tips and tricks on how to avoid gaining weight while slurping on your bubble tea.

Here’s the video.

The Low-down 

In what seems to be turning out into an apparent click-bait, Donna initially shares tricks on how to turn one’s bubble tea drink into something healthier, and ultimately into the air.


I kid you not.

Her pro-tips were:

  • Gradually reducing drink size
  • Gradually reducing sugar level
  • Choosing tea types that don’t require as much sugar content in its ingredients
  • Choosing options like herbal jelly or jelly instead of pearls
  • Reducing bubble tea intake from a daily occurrence to having it just once in a few days, and gradually not drinking it at all

The words in bold are akin to purchasing a pair of Adidas slippers only to be sent an Asadi pair.

Basically no help at all.

Cue all forms of vulgarities in all major languages.

Thankfully the latter part of the video delivered on its initial promise.

The Best Time to drink Bubble Tea

According to Donna, the best time to drink bubble tea is within 30 minutes of a workout.

Why so, you ask?

Donna explains that right after a workout, GLUT 4, one of our body’s glucose transporter, is especially active during this time.

In its heightened state of activity, sugar is transported rapidly to other body parts which are then broken down swiftly.


This is presumably due to the body expending sugar in the workout just before and needing more sugar for replacement.

A word of caution though.

Donna iterates that any bubble tea ingested more than 30 minutes after a workout will inevitably be turned into fats.

This is so as the sugar within is not expended expeditiously.

That said, an idea came to my mind.

If we have karaoke spin class, naked yoga and even Gospel workouts, why not bubble tea exercises?

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