Diners Club Offering Free Don Don Donki Ez-Link Charm to Those Who Apply For Any 2 Cards

If someone asks you what the catchiest song in history is, you might say Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You or Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style.

But I’m here to inform you that those are the wrong answers. 

When it comes to catchy songs, there’s only one that can stay in our heads for 38 days straight after hearing it.

Don, don, don, donki, don, don, donki~

Yes, now the song is playing in your head, and likely won’t stop for some time.

If you happen to be a fan of the Japanese supermarket, while sells everything from mochi to Breath Palette’s flavoured toothpaste, then I have some good news for you.

Diners Club Offering Free DON DON DONKI EZ-Link Charm to Those Who Apply For Any 2 Cards

Think Donpen is the cutest penguin in existence? Well, you can now get a mini EZ-link charm with that adorable character along with his good friend, Donko!

How? Simply apply for two Diners Club Cards!

If you apply for two Diners Club credit cards or $500 limit cards from 14 June to 14 August this year, you’ll be entitled to the cute little EZ-Link charm!

But that’s not all.

Applicants who have referred at least one person will be entitled to a free DON DON DONKI umbrella while those who have referred three people will be eligible to receive a thermal flask.

So, how many Diners Club cards are there for you to choose from?

Well, a lot, to put it simply. But let’s start with the one you’ll probably be most interested in:

DON DON DONKI Diners Club Card

Did you know that Diners Club has its very own DON DON DONKI credit card?

Besides granting you rebates when you shop at the store, the card also gives users insurance coverage and club reward points when you shop elsewhere.

Before I elaborate on the benefits, you should know that there are two types of DON DON DONKI Diners Club Cards:

The first is the DON DON DONKI Cobrand Regular Credit Card. Shoppers with these cards will be able to earn a 5% Rebate of up to S$1,000 spent monthly per account on your card at DONKI outlets.

The second is the DON DON DONKI Cobrand $500 Limit Credit Card. Users of this card will be able to earn a 2% Rebate of up to S$500 spent monthly per account on your card at DONKI stores.

Lazy to do the math? Well, cardholders can earn up to $560 in cash rebates yearly.

Now, why would you choose this particular card over other traditional credit cards?

One word: benefits, benefits, and more benefits.

Reader: That’s like five words.

Just bought a new car and realised you have to spend another $700 on road tax? Well, with Diners Club, you can pay this hefty fee in monthly instalments. 

That’s right, with the DON DON DONKI Cobrand Credit Card, you can choose to pay $116.67 per month for six months instead.

What’s more, you’ll actually earn club reward points when you shop outside DON DON DONKI with your card as well.

With these club reward points, cardholders will be able to redeem free gifts, shopping and dining vouchers, as well as air miles. (S$1 = 1 point).

Sure, only the coronavirus is travelling at the moment, but while you’re stuck in Singapore, why not earn air miles so you can use them all when you finally hit the skies?

The best thing about this part of the deal is that your club reward points will never expire.

Speaking of travel, cardholders will also get access to 1,000 airport lounges in major cities worldwide including here at Changi Airport.

Basic cardholders can enjoy complimentary access to one lounge per year.

With more and more countries opening up their borders, this card may soon come in handy, especially with its insurance coverage.

Those who possess the Regular Credit Card will also have free insurance coverage of up to S$1 million in personal accident protection, S$250,000 on-flight personal accident insurance, and travel inconvenience reimbursement.

Also, you don’t have to go through the hassle of looking for credit card ATMS because with the DON DON DONKI card, you’ll be able to draw money at POSB, DBS or Citibank ATMs in Singapore!

Still not convinced? Well, the card’s Buy-Now-Pay-Later instalment-free plan, which is offered at a wide range of retailers, might just change your mind.

Additional Gifts

If you do get this card, you’ll also be given a $10 DON DON DONKI voucher which can be used at all outlets except at Changi Airport Terminal 3.

Customers must spend a minimum of $30 to redeem the voucher.

After receiving your card, if you download the Diners SG Pay app on your phone and link it to your card, you’ll also get a cool-looking DON DON DONKI key chain!

As for the application process, it’s simpler than buying sweet potatoes from DON DON DONKI.

Here are the three steps:

  1. SMS <Name> to 9222 1100

Yup, there’s actually only one step in the application process, after which Diners Club will contact you within one working day.


So, how much will these cards cost you?

Well, you’ll be happy to learn that cardholders will have to pay absolutely nothing for the first year!

It’s pretty decent for all the benefits you’re getting, isn’t it?

If you’d prefer to get other Diners Club cards, you can head here to check out their long list of credit cards.

Some of the other popular ones include their Cashback credit card and POPULAR Cobrand credit card.

This article was first published on Goodyfeed.com and written in collaboration with Diners Club (Singapore) Pte Ltd.