Doctor Cuts Off 3YO Boy’s Entire Penis After 4-Hour Botched Circumcision Surgery

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Doctor: I’m afraid I’ve made a mistake during your son’s circumcision. 

Parent: What do you mean? 


Doctor: I’ve, uh… cut off a little more than I intended to.

Parent: *checks son* YOU’VE CUT OFF HIS ENTIRE PENIS!

Doctor: Yes, yes I’m terribly sorry about that. You know how a barber sometimes snips off a little more hair than you’d like but you get over it quickly because it’ll grow back in a week or so?

Parent: Yes?

Doctor: Yeah, this is nothing like that, please don’t report me to the police. *runs away*

For those who don’t know, a circumcision is the removal of the foreskin from the penis. It’s a medical procedure that many men go through for religious, medical, or even aesthetic reasons.

And just like any medical procedure, things can go very wrong, as one family in Brazil can attest to.


Botched circumcision

A father in Brazil recently had the shock of his life when his three-year-old had his penis amputated in a botched circumcision performed by an experienced surgeon.

Alberthy Camargos, 24, was told a year ago that his son had phimosis, a condition where the foreskin becomes so tight that it is unable to be retracted over the glans of the penis.

So, doctors suggested that the boy undergo circumcision to rectify the problem and Carmagos agreed.

However, on the day of the treatment, Carmagos realized that something was wrong:

“This was a procedure that should have taken about 30 minutes, but it lasted nearly four hours”, he said.

His apprehension quickly turned to horror as doctors removed the bandage and gauze from his son’s groin.

“When the doctor took off the first bloodstained bandage there was a kind of rolled gauze underneath that appeared to be covering my son’s penis. But when that was taken off there was nothing there but a stump and no visible penis.”

Yes, the doctor had amputated his whole penis.

If you’re in possession of a dangling appendage below your belly button, no grouping of words is as painful as the phrase “penis amputated”.

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But just imagine how the boy’s father felt.

Apparently, he was so overcome with shock that he collapsed to the ground and was momentarily paralysed.

What’s worse is that the doctor even tried to cover up his mistake.

According to the Daily Mail, when Mr Camargos asked the doctor, Pedro Abrantes, why the surgery was taking so long, the doctor assured him that everything was fine and his son was healthy.


Abrantes even placed a rolled-up gauze where he penis used to be and covered his entire groin with a bandage, to hide his horrifying mistake.

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Naturally, Camargos was furious with the physician:

Speaking about his deceit, Carmagos said, “I felt disgusted by his answer. They were treating me like a fool and I lost total confidence in the medical team”, he said.

Carmagos promptly signed a waiver and discharged his son from the hospital the following day.

The poor child was later transferred to the Teófilo Otoni hospital, a private unit in a neighbouring city.


Good news, bad news

But the unfortunate series of events didn’t end there for Carmagos and his family.

The incompetent physician, Abrantes, who amputated the boy’s penis, was found dead from a cardiac arrest shortly after the botched operation.

As a result, Carmago’s family is now considering taking legal action against the hospital instead.

“The unexpected death of the doctor has robbed us of the one individual who could have given us face to face answers and who might have been held directly responsible.”

Fortunately for Carmagos and his son, while doctors cannot reattach the boy’s amputated penis, they’ll be able to fashion a realistic penis with skin removed from the forearm or thigh, and preserve erectile tissue.


That’s some…high-tech shit there.

This means that the boy will be able to have a normal sexual life in the future and even father children of his own.

Doctors are able to do this because his remedial care started at an early stage in the boy’s life, before remnants of the organ contracted inside the body.

So, despite this dumb doctor’s horrific mistake, the boy will likely live a normal life.

The child has since been discharged and is recovering steadily at home.