Daughters Slammed for Filming TikTok Video During Their Father’s Funeral for a ‘Before & After’ Trend

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The internet has its fair share of good and bad trends.

Some of them can be as funny as Harlem Shake and Flex Tape, others can be as life-threatening as the Cinnamon Challenge or eating laundry detergent Tide Pods, while some are just…

Really weird, I suppose.

Most of the memes and trends have shifted over to Tiktok as of late, which can range anywhere from lip-sync dancing, tissue operas, or just plain bizarre and oddly expensive, like E-Fashion.

Before & After Trend Gone Wrong

In the most recent case, three young girls, who are believed to be siblings, have found themselves at the receiving end of criticism after they posted a video of themselves beside their deceased father on Tiktok.

Image: tiktok.com

The first 18 seconds of the videos seem innocuous enough, with the three sisters jamming to some music while their father passively stood in the background in October 2021, before the scene abruptly changes to a grey room in February 2022 and they are formally gowned, standing beside their deceased father’s body as he is covered by a piece of kain kafan (shroud).

Throughout the video, the famous cover of “Cinta Dalam Hati” (Love in the Heart) by the Indonesian singer Jemima plays in the background, distorting briefly as the scene changes from joy to sorrow.

Meanwhile, the translated Tiktok caption reads: “It feels like the time spent with Papa was very short. Papa left us all on Friday, after 33 days of battling in the ICU. May you be placed among the righteous in the highest place in paradise.”

One of the girls shared in their captions, “Appreciate your parents while they are still around. It’s very painful and sad for you. Thank you God for giving us the best dad. We will follow you suit.”

They were uh, conscious enough to keep the details and location undisclosed, but the thought that this should be a completely private affair amongst family has never occurred to them when they uploaded the video.

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The Netizens’ Outrage

As the header suggests, the video did not sit well with the viewers at all.

Whether it’s commiserating their father’s death, a form of clout-chasing or simply following a trend, filming yourself next to your parent’s deathbed is genuinely insensitive and disrespectful.

Many viewers took to the comment section to disparage and condemn the girls for their actions.

Image: tiktok.com

One commentator said: “How could they even think of [making] this video, while they’re supposed to be mourning over the death of their family member?”

Another responded, “I just can’t fathom this, they can still update their Tiktok beside their father’s dead body?”

Opinion concurred. The fact that they could spend the latter half of the video looking into the camera before simultaneously turning around and slowly pan the camera perspective towards the prone shrouded figure raises a lot of questions on where their priorities lie.


Although the video has been taken down since the writing of the article, it can still be viewed here.

Indeed, the sins once uploaded on the internet can never be erased, even if they are now blurred out faces.

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