Don’t Say Bojio: Burger King 2 X Mala Burgers at $5.40 (Originally at $10.80)

Image: Burger King Singapore Facebook Page

It’s Thursday, 4 July, and you know what that means:

It’s time for Thirsty Thursday!


Now, just a clarification: this article is not to be confused with the ongoing Goody Feed series. No, this article’s a fake. Or in Pokemon terms, a Mimikyu.

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But hey, even so, this fake-ass Don’t Say Bojio deal is still gonna wet those thirsty lips of yours…

With this hot hot deal.

Image: Burger King Singapore Facebook Page
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Well, guess it’s the King for a reason.

Don’t Say Bojio: Mala Burger Hot-Hot Deal

This July, swing by Burger King for a particularly hot-hot deal:

Dig into BK’s newest specialities, the Mala Beef Stacker and the Mala Chick’N Crisp Stacker, for half the price.

Image: Burger King Singapore Facebook Page

Going at just $5.40, you’ll be entitled to two crazily hot and tantalising burgers, all at our fingertips. Go with a friend or go with yourself, the choice is yours.

Wondering about the taste and everything? Well not to worry; my colleague’s here to help.

Image: Burger King Singapore Facebook Page

Incidentally, this is what he said about the Mala Chick’N Crisp Stacker:

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So biting into the burger, how did it taste?

Grainy. Very grainy. Very interesting textures in place here when you go from a fluffy bun into the lettuce, then into a meaty chunk, just a slight resistance, into more crunch with cucumber.

And still very grainy. It’s like eating Hae Bee Hiam with a little bit of sugar sprinkled, texture wise.

The chicken patty doesn’t have too much of a taste, and the Mala is left alone to do all the talking. But as a result, it’s also overwhelmingly sweet.

A quarter of the burger in, the mala’s invading into my senses, literally. After each bite goes, my mouth grows number, each subsequent bite leaving the rest of the burger slightly more unappetizing.

Can I really look at the burger, and say that Burger King has made Sichuan proud? No.

Rating: 2/5

As for the Beef stacker, this was his verdict:

A little context: I actually ate the beef version outside my obligations for Goody Feed on Wednesday, but only ordered the Chicken version here.

Just giving it straight: Beef is better. It always is, and there’s no question either for this Mala stacker.

But how much better is better? Will just changing one single thing, make the burger that different?

When eating the Beef version, I was convinced that Mala could go well with anything. I even went ahead and told my friend, “dude, Mala goes well with anything.”

I thought Mala truly belonged to the world. Mala hotpot, Mala burgers, Mala with Rice 11/10, Mala Pizzas, Mala popcorns… anything seemed possible. It wasn’t just a burger I ate. It was the dreams of world domination by Mala.

Mala Candy? Not aiming high! Mala Bubble Tea? Why the hell not?! Mala Toothpaste? Bring it on!

And can you really put a value to dreams?

Actually, yes, kind of.

Rating: 3.5/5 with #ShithouseSaturday. 4/5 without #ShithouseSaturday.

Well, guess you know which one to take when sharing with someone. 😉

Also, if you wish to peruse more of my colleague’s article, you can click on the link here.

And so… what’re you waiting for?

According to Burger King, the promotion’s available for a limited time only, so sink your paws into these delicious treats before the deal’s over!

Image: Burger King Singapore Facebook Page

Enjoy! 🙂

Note: Deal’s available in-store or through BK app’s Self-Pickup.