Don’t Say Bojio: Downtown East Has A Spanking New Themed KTV


If your hobbies include screaming your favourite songs in the shower, and your dreams include having your own staged performance… you’ll love the new Downtown East themed KTV.

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HaveFun Karaoke.

(P.S. That’s really the name of the KTV.)

Before we start talking about how amazing this KTV is, pardon us while we spam some pictures of what you can expect.

Image: Facebook (HaveFun Karaoke)


Image: Facebook (HaveFun Karaoke)


Image: Facebook (HaveFun Karaoke)


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I mean, just look at that! Each themed room’s aesthetic is on point and it already makes me excited for my next KTV session.

HaveFun Karaoke truly promises what its name stands for – you’re bound to have lots of fun!

This new KTV takes is 4,300sqft big, spanning two storeys, and features a karaoke bar and 15 spacious themed KTV rooms.

Image: Facebook (HaveFun Karaoke)

You can expect large theatre projections on the walls, disco lights, microphone stands and you can even download their app (available for both Android and iOS) to control your room’s settings!

Plus, we all know how hard it is to search for songs we want to sing, and even be greeted with weird MTVs.

But at HaveFun Karaoke, your songs will be playing straight from YouTube. So if your favourite song is on YouTube, you’ll be able to sing it to your heart’s content.

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Though I’m not sure how the copyright thingy works. Can like that one meh?



When you hit your quota of screaming-into-the-mic, you can also enjoy free flow non-alcoholic drinks at their self-service kiosk. Yes, for free too!

The karaoke bar also provides free board games, which is great for the shy ones who will never want to hold the microphone and yet still paying for the KTV session. Yeah, you’ll definitely have one of these friends.

And plus, if all of that doesn’t already tempt you, maybe it will after you read that singing actually helps you to de-stress!

Special Deals

They are running a promotion that gives you 50% off the room charges in Downtown East. This promotion ends on 30 September so I’m going to make my reservation now.

Faster jio your friends! Or just go yourself la.

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Location & Opening Hours

Address: 1 Pasir Ris Close #01-311/312, Downtown East, HaveFun Karaoke
Opening Hours: 12pm to 1am

You can make your reservations now by calling 6243 6508.