Don’t Say Bojio: EZ-Link Now Selling Harry Potter & Hello Kitty EZ-Link Cards

Taking the train is already quite a chore with the peak hour crowds (is it just us or is the crowd just…constant throughout the day now?), train delays and now some completely unnecessary security check (sorry folks at the selected MRT stations, our hearts goes out to you).

What else to do but suck it up and maybe try to tap in and out in style, right? Once again, EZ-Link’s got our backs.

Aside from the Snorlax charms that are now available on Lazada Marketplace since 10 Dec, the new news is…

EZ-Link is now selling Harry Potter and Hello Kitty EZ-link cards!

Image: EZ-Link Facebook Page

Look at how CUTE this card is, complete with polka-dots and everything.

Image: EZ-Link Facebook Page

And also, check out Harry Potter characters in these tsum tsum versions…awww

At this point, every company is just trying to milk more money out of the My Melody Holder craze that Macdonald’s got major success from.

People are selling it for a thousand bucks, whuuut?

Well, if you don’t have a thousand dollars to get your Melody holder, it’s okay.

Because there are pretty awesome consolation prizes too.

The Hello Kitty EZ-Link is available at selected Cheers outlets at $10 each with no load value (you can check for availability here)

By the way, for those who are still lusting after the Hello Kitty EZ-Link charms that we wrote about a couple of days ago…


They’re already all sold out.


And all the mentioned items in the article, including the cute Snorlax and Tsum Tsum charms: all sold out.


Which is why you have to move fast and get at least one of them if you (or your girlfriend) is a die-hard Hello Kitty fan.

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According to some who have attempted to buy from selected Cheers stores, some stores might be out of stock so…may the odds be ever in your favour.

The Harry Potter ones are available at all TransitLink Ticket offices at $12 each with $7 load value.

The same thing: better be fast. Especially with the Fantastical Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald just out in cinemas recently.

Of course, no matter how slim the chance, we do advise you to go forth and conquer because these cards are just…too kawaii desu. 

If you can’t afford a new iPhone, you can always make people jealous of your cards. And by cards, I meant EZ-Link cards, of course.

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