Don’t Say Bojio: Famous Japanese Ichiran Ramen Coming To Takashimaya From 3 To 20 Oct

I love Japan food and I love pop-up events minus the crowd.

As someone who has never been to Japan, Daiso and Don Don Donki are the closest I can get when I want to experience Japanese culture.

Not to forget JR East is about to open retail stores in Thomson-East Line as well – something to be excited about!

But, now, Takashimaya is bringing Japan to us.

Or rather, popular food from Japan.

Ichiran Ramen Pop-up

Here’s the good news to all Ramen fans: famous Ramen store, Ichiran, from Japan is coming to Singapore next month!

Image: Facebook (Ichiran NY)

From what I heard, Ichiran is always the first Ramen store that people rush to when they arrive in Japan.

And this time around, Ichiran is coming to you at Takashimaya’s Japan Food Matsuri.

Image: Great Deals Singapore

This is in conjunction with the yearly Ramen Revolution festival where top Japanese ramen restaurants are invited.

So, not only will you get to try out Ichiran’s ramen, you will be able to try out various popular ramen brands from Japan – remember to keep your tummy empty before the events!

700 Bowls Only

Ichiran is known for their tonkatsu ramen and is said to constantly have snaking queues, especially for their outlet in Shibuya.

I can imagine that snaking queue in Singapore too.

But, here’s an important tip – be there early, be the head of the “snake”.

Because Ichiran will only be serving 700 bowls each day and each bowl will be priced at $12 nett.

$12 sounds pretty ok to me honestly.

However, to those who expect the usual freshly made noodles, here’s the bad news:

Instead of fresh noodles, the pop-up will only be serving its New York Limited instant ramen.

Which means no chashu, and only wood ear mushrooms and green onions; exactly just like instant noodles.

Worth it or not – you make the call.

Single & Available? Go Have It Alone!

While the “instant noodle” concept may sound a little meh to you, the cute part about the event is that Ichiran will be bringing in their single seats!

Image: The Daily Mail

It is said that there will be side shutters too!

So, if your partner or friends are too busy for you, or if you’re single, you can head to the pop-up and enjoy your delicious bowl of noodle in your own solitude.


Maybe you will meet your other half there?

Also, 200 boxes of the said instant noodle will be up for sale at $35 per box.

Each box contains three packets of noodles.

And to the first 100 customers daily who purchase the instant ramen, you will receive a free Japanese tenugui cotton hand towel.

Image: Amazon (Image used for illustration purposes only)

This is not the exact piece! Maybe they will give you something way cuter?


According to the ever so reliable 8Days, famous soft serve and choux stick from Zaku Zaku will be at the event as well!

Have a few bowls of ramen, then end it with dessert. Sounds like an amazing and delicious plan already!

Event Details

Date: 3 October 2019 – 20 October 2019
Venue: Takashimaya Square

Guess we will be seeing each other there?

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