Don’t Say Bojio: GrabFood Promo Code of 40% Off Until 12 May

Image: Byahe at Gimik

The headline does sound goody, right? We’re talking about 40% discount, and we’re talking about GrabFood.

And just like you, I find it hard to believe until I used the code and was shocked at the discount as well—in other words, it’s a real steal, though you might want to read on.

GrabFood 40% Off Promo Code

If you’re here just to grab the code, here’s it: 40OFF

You’d have to order at least $25, and the discount is capped at $20. In addition, it’s only three redemptions per user per week, so you can’t exactly spam the promotion like BuffLord95.

The promotion will end on 12 May 2019, so grab it now.

But here’s the thing: with the introduction of this promotion, it makes me a GrabFood fan regular, but it also shows me some problems that I’ve not expected.

GrabFood Combined with Grab App

In my area, the GrabFood app is no longer usable; instead, if I want to use GrabFood, I’d have to go to my main Grab app.

Which is not a good idea, given that my GPS is always off and I only turn it on when I need to Grab.

So, other than having to turn on my GPS and drain precious battery, it turns out that GrabFood certainly needs more improvement in many other areas.

No Unit Number in Address

Whenever I turn on GrabFood, it’ll ask if I would like to deliver to some company that I’ve not seen before.

Wait, what?

Okay, so I’ve saved my work and home address, but every single time, I’ve to key in the unit number in the “Instructions to rider” box simply because I couldn’t find a way to save my unit number in my address.

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I’ve always thought that it’s just me being stupid until I realised that my colleagues faced the same issue. Since all my colleagues are stupid as well, I believed it’s just us until I see this.

Do GrabFood only deliver to landed property or what?

Cannot Use Grab & GrabFood at the Same Time

I’m not certain if we can do that previously, but now that Grab and GrabFood is combined in one super app, you can’t order GrabFood and then Grab home to a delicious meal…

…because you can’t use both at one go.

Image: Giphy

If you’re like me who likes to order food delivery to your house while you’re in the office, and Grab home after that to see your delivery personnel just at your doorstep, then this is now impossible.

And guess what? I’m not alone.

But that’s not the key issue I’ve faced.

Orders Can Get Cancelled

Prior to using GrabFood, I was a fan of Deliveroo, and during rainy or peak periods, the app would just inform me that delivery isn’t possible. Ok, understood-ed, so I cooked Maggi Mee instead.

However, GrabFood works in a different way: once I’ve ordered, the restaurant would start preparing my food (which I presume is to cook). The app would then start to look for riders.

And once, after a while which I believe my pasta would have already been overcooked, a rider was not found and my order was cancelled.

So what happened to the food?

I’m not that noble to feel bad that the food is wasted, but I’m furious to know that my food has been cooked but no one’s picking it up. A refund was issued but that’s not the point: does that mean when I try to order again, I would fail?

Reminds me of the times when drivers cancel on me.

And once again, I’m not the one sharing this frustration.

Well, I’ve already used up my three redemption, so unless GrabFood improves on their system, I’m going back to Deliveroo, because brand loyalty is never in my DNA.

Though I really like those promos from GrabFood.