Don’t Say Bojio: Great Singapore Sale is Coming to Taobao!

We all know that the Great Singapore Sale and Taobao are two different things altogether, almost like oil and water: the Great Singapore Sale is purely a Singapore thing, and Taobao is basically…selling everything at GSS prices (or even cheaper) all year long.

Now, what if GSS and Taobao become BFF? Or even better, get married?

Well, like what they say, the Internet has connected many people, and this time, they’ve connected GSS and Taobao.

We all know the cons of buying from Taobao: the struggle to comprehend Mandarin words that we’ve “回给老师了”, the fear of receiving a cockroach instead of a Coach bag and the shocking moment when a dress came when we’ve specifically bought a T-shirt.

This is when Taobao agents in Singapore, like SGshop, comes into play, helping us get our items without having to consult our Mandarin teachers for words that we’ve forgotten.

And here’s when the marriage took place: SGshop is in Singapore, basking in the GSS atmosphere, and Taobao is, well, our ever likable Taobao. Put them together this period, and you’ll get the Great Taobao Sale.

Just take a look at this (yeah, keep scrolling because there’re just so many things to cheer about).

During this period, there’ll be a 10% off shipping if you buy through their website, and 20% off when you buy through their app. After all, with Taobao’s items already so affordable, it’s always the shipping that kills.

And if you’ve a Maybank card, you get FREE service fee.

To add icing to the wedding cake between GSS and Taobao, SGshop has a weekly giveaway as well, in which all you need to do is to Like two Facebook Pages – and you get a chance to win great prizes. How great? This great.

  • A 60 minutes Deep Tissue Massage at worth $310!
  • A pair of luggages from IUIGA worth S$598
  • A Glow Zone Laser Facial at Simply Aesthetics worth $400 each!
  • Katapult jump passes + goodie bags worth $258!
  • Trapped Escape Room Tickets for 4 pax worth $288!
  • A Pandora Charm Bracelet worth S$212
  • Zoom Park Asia Multi Passes worth S$288
  • iFly Singapore First Timer Challenge Package flight vouchers worth S$595
  • A Bintan Weekend Vacation worth S$899

To keep yourself in the loop, simply check out SGshop Facebook Page or simply go to their website.

And oh, we did a video about this. Since you’re here, take a look lah.

This article was first published on and is written in collaboration with SGShop.