Don’t Say Bojio: Guardian 20% off Storewide with no Min. Purchase (Till 28 Feb)


Have you collated all your Ang Bao money? I’m writing from the point of view of those who are not yet married and who are still receiving Ang Baos.

Those who are married, I feel you, like how I feel my parents’ money flying away. But sorry, I can’t help you.

You have my sympathy.


And back to those who have collated all your Ang Bao money, don’t say bojio hor, Guardian is having a 20% storewide sale until 28 February.

Best thing ever: no minimum purchase required!


It’s available at all stores except for those at the airport. If you want to sit in the comfort of your home shopping away, feel free to. Just don’t forget to apply the promo code <SAVE20> before checking out:


And since we’re on the topic of good deals, I saw that Guardian is also offering weekly orange deals and they will be gone in 7 days.


Here’re some of the products I saw for the week (till 28 February) which is probably worth a buy:

1. 3-ply ultra soft mini tissue

Two for $3. Average out, that’s $1.50 per pack. Can buy!


2. Oral-B mouth rinse


$5.90 for two bottles! 500ml some more. Retail price was $8.70. Buy! Buy more and stock up!

3. Multi-purpose solution set


If you travel a lot, then these 60ml bottles are suitable for you. There’s even buy 1 get 1 free! Go and buy!

4. 5-in-1 body fat/hydration monitor


After all the bak kwa, pineapple tarts and feasting, it’s time to face reality with this 5-in-1 fat/hydration monitor.

It’s selling at half price now, probably a good investment if you want to live healthily starting from… tomorrow. Yup, there’s always tomorrow when it comes to dieting.

Okay lah, that’s all for me. I don’t want to become so aunty so the rest of the deals you check them out in stores or online, okay?

Don’t forget to leave some money for lunch tomorrow. 😉

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