Don’t Say Bojio: IKEA’s December Sale Happening From 27 Dec to 6 Jan

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(Editor’s note: a previous version of the article state that IKEA FAMILY members are able to get a $1 mee rebus special at the IKEA restaurants for the duration of the sale. That is incorrect and the promo is only valid for 27 Dec 2018. We apologise for the miscommunication.)

Looking to buy new stuff for your home to welcome the new year? Or maybe, you’ve just renovated your BTO flat and you’re looking to get furniture for it.

Either way, you’re a lucky man or woman.


Because IKEA, the place most Singaporeans get their furniture (and food, of course) from, is going to have a sale all the way from tomorrow (27 Dec) to 6 Jan 2019.

IKEA’s December Sale is Back!

Image: IKEA Singapore

Sofas, kitchen items, beds, tables, TV consoles, everything goes!

And the best part?

You can get your stuff at a discount even if you’re not free to go down to either IKEA stores during this period.

Image: IKEA Singapore

And you can do it before the sale starts.

Just go online, select all the items you’ve been keeping an eye on and add it to your cart.

Go into your cart tomorrow and checkout at any time.

And you’ll still get the discounts.

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You can start shopping here.

IKEA FAMILY Members Get Extra Discounts

If you’re not an IKEA FAMILY member, now might be a good time to be one.

Because if you’re a member and you go to the IKEA stores within the sales period, you’ll get an additional 5% discount on top of the sale’s prices.

Plus, you can buy yourself a $1 Mee Rebus breakfast special at the IKEA restaurants on 27 Dec 2018.

To redeem, just flash a valid IKEA FAMILY member card.

Plus, IKEA comes out with IKEA FAMILY members exclusive product offerings every month.

Image: IKEA Singapore

So How Much Will It Cost To Be A Member?

I mean the perks of being a member sound pretty awesome. So how much does it cost, really?

It’s free.

Yes, for those who are looking to be an IKEA FAMILY member, it’s free.

Simply go to the stores, tell an IKEA staff that you want to be a member and you’ll be able to get a temporary IKEA FAMILY member card valid for one year.

You’ve got to spend a minimum of $100 for them to confer upon you a lifetime IKEA FAMILY membership.

Which is pretty easy if you’re looking to really go all out at the December sale.

So what are you waiting for? Time to go to the IKEA online store and start window shopping liao.

That or make plans with your family to go down to IKEA Alexandra or Tampines.

Because this is probably the only place where you can get furniture that’s classy and well-designed…for cheap.

You’re welcome! 😉