Don’t Say BoJio: Ippudo Ramen Takeaway From Just S$8!

Fans of Ippudo Ramen, here’s a piece of good news for you! Your favourite ramen stall has just opened in Singapore and it’s available for takeaway from just S$8 a bowl! 

KURO-OBI, a quick serve style/takeaway concept has just been launched in Singapore, and it’s the very first concept by IPPUDO to offer Tori-paitan – a silky chicken soup base that goes superbly well with their signature ramen noodles!

This takeaway store will be a lifesaver for many working adults in the CBD – and especially so for people shopping at MBS who want a cheaper and better food option. Now, we no longer have to join the crazy queues for Din Tai Fung anymore. 


Here, you can choose from 4 different types of ramen – AKA-OBI (S$10) which is topped with spicy shrimp floss, CHA-OBI (S$9) – with light and clear vegetable broth, SHIRO-OBI (S$8) – with a creamy chicken broth and the signature KURO-OBI (S$12) which features a umami ramen egg and three pieces of chicken chashu! 

The best part? You can even customize your ramen such as the texture of noodles, amount of oil and even down the richness of stock in these bowls of goodness! Eating ramen has never been this fuss-free!

Our favourite would definitely be the KURO-OBI ramen, with the perfect amount of seasoning in the delicate and silky chicken soup base. The chicken cha shu pieces too, were extremely tender and fell apart once we bit into it. 

The ramen at KURO-OBI are also slightly different than the ones at Ippudo! Here, the ramen noodles served are slightly thicker so that they can complement and soak up the chicken broth. They also have 40% more noodles than a typical bowl of ramen at Ippudo! It’s definitely more value-for-money as compared to the amount paid at the usual Ippudo Ramen restaurants.

For those who are intending to dine in, don’t forget to order up their Pork Buns or even the Samurai Ribs! Their Pork Buns are prepared in the kong bak bao style, with succulent pork belly chunks, lettuce and mayonnaise sandwiched between a Chinese bun.

The Samurai Ribs, on the other hand, are crispy on the outside and tender within, with meat that easily falls off the bone. 

If you are still craving for dessert, we would also highly recommend the COLD Almond Jelly Noodles. This unique dish comes in a bowl, looks similar to a bowl of noodles, but is extremely refreshing and light – definitely the perfect way to end off the meal! 

So for those who are heading down to MBS real soon, don’t forget to check them out!

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