Don’t Say Bojio: McDonald’s S’pore Now Selling Sweet Corn Cones Again At $1 Each

Image: Facebook (McDonald's)

I believe I speak for all of us when I say every McDonald’s new product launch is something worth paying attention to.

Of course, not everything is nice. But most of their new items typically drove Singaporeans crazy. Then crazier when everything’s sold out.

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Remember McDonald’s chocolate pie?

Image: Facebook (大吃一族 Big Eater )

Sold out.

How about Nasi Lemak Burger?

Image: McDonald’s


Sold out.

But the best part about McDonald’s is their willingness to bring back old products and get you all worked up about it.

My colleague got to eat and review this ‘coz he won in scissors-paper-stone

Yup, those were the good old days before they sneakily substituted the McGriddles with the normal bun version.

Well, now they’ve brought something back from the good old days and Singaporeans are getting into a frenzy over it.

McDonald’s Dessert Kiosk To Sell Sweet Corn Cones Again

Image: McDonald’s Singapore Facebook Page

Yes. Sweet corn ice cream. In soft serve form. Mmmm.

And judging by how McDonald’s has a penchant for making everything sweet (look at the D24 Durian McFlurry), you know that this is going to be da bomb for people with sweet tooth.

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And just in time too since scientists are saying that the earth is going to remain this hot, at least for the next 5 years.

The Sweet Corn cones will be available after breakfast hours at just $1 each. Just remember to fast-hand-fast-leg because it’s on a while stocks last basis.

And when it comes to McDonald’s products, it’s not a matter of if, but when the sweet corn cone will run out.

Netizens’ Reactions

People on the internet are practically salivating to get their hands on a sweet corn cone of their own.

And some people took the chance to make more requests of McDonald’s.

And if you want some testimonies on whether the ice cream is worth your one buck.

And Since We’re On The Topic of Food

Did you know that from now until 2 September, there’s going to be a Thai food festival at Marina Bay?

Not only do you get awesome food like these

Image: Chang Sensory Trails

Juicy, tender prime ribs deep-fried to perfection, watermelon fried rice (betcha never heard of that) and more just waiting for you to sink your teeth in.

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And if that isn’t awesome enough, local bands will be providing live music performances at the venue while you enjoy your steals.

Read the article for more information here.

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