Don’t Say Bojio: Old Chang Kee Nasi Lemak in Orchard for Just $2 (Till 30 Sept)


There’s one thing about working in the CBD area.

The food’s pretty damn expensive.

And it’s especially so in the morning. Why? Because you’ve got lunch and dinner to settle later in the day, so you will subconsciously strive to cut down costs for your first meal of the day.

Wait, you’re asking whether you can skip breakfast?

Inadvisable. Breakfast is the meal that gives you energy. How are you going to activate your brain to its fullest if you’re sleepy and hungry?


Well, I’ve a short-term solution for you.

It comes in the form of CK; OCK.

Old Chang Kee.

Old Chang Kee Singapore Facebook Page

From 25 September to 30 September 2017, simply head down to the Old Chang Kee outlet located at Ion Orchard, and you can enjoy their Nasi Lemak or Bee Hoon set at just $2!

(Nasi Lemak U.P. $3.90)

Image: daily musings

(Note: there’s no dine-in option. The picture above is strictly for illustration purposes)

Featuring fragrant coconut rice, our favourite fried chicken wing (or a choice of fish cake, fish fillet or otah), ‘oh so shiok’ sambal chili, tender sausage chunks, a slice of nicely-done egg omelette, crunchy ikan bilis and erm, cucumber, it’s a steal for just $2.

Image: Y-Lyn’s Journal

Their Bee Hoon’s pretty darn good too. I’ve always thought of Bee Hoon as a piece of white paper; it’s plain, but has so much room for improvements.

And Old Chang Kee’s offering is a pretty solid piece of paper, I must say.

Image: foodlifeandtravel.files

Choose from a selection of fish fillet, fish cake or otah to go with your Bee Hoon!

Image: Old Chang Kee

So remember the date, guys: 25 September to 30 September.

Venue? #B4-36 ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, 238801

Remember to get your $2 sets of breakfast then!

And if you want your colleagues to know about it, do share this post!

But I think it’s better if you don’t. If too many people know about it, the queues are going to be as long as the one at the iPhone 8 launch.

And you know what that means?

You’re going to be late for work.


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