Don’t Say Bojio: Pink Curry from Monster Curry in All Outlets (Till 2 Mar)


For all of you who are attached and working, February must be the most expensive month.

First, we have Valentine’s Day, and then shortly after (read: two days) we have Chinese New Year.

And it gets worse every year, as you slowly stop receiving Ang Pao as you age.


OK, but let’s settle the most pressing issue first: Valentine’s Day.

Still looking for restaurants?

Too late, man.

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But if you and your other half are thrill-seekers, here’s a place for you to try your luck:

Monster Curry.

No joke, you’ll be surprised.Just take a look at what they have:


Image: Monster Curry Facebook 

This is Monster Curry’s first ever Pink Curry Limited Edition menu.

They emphasised that there are no artificial colourings added in their curry.

“Huh? Then where does the colour come from?”

Well, I’m glad you asked, cos I was puzzled too.

So here’s the thing: The main natural ingredient in the pink curry sauce comes from fresh dragon fruit.

Image: Amazon

According to their Facebook Page, Monster Curry says that dragon fruit is an “exotic fruit”, and is usually referred to as a topical “superfood”.

Basically, it’s good for you, like all fruits out there.

But if you think you’re gonna have a hard time persuading your girl to try this out, here’s an additional fact:

Dragon fruits contain strong anti-aging properties and rich Vitamin C.

The former “provides suppleness” which slows down the “sagging of dull skin”, while the latter helps to brighten the skin.


True or not, you’ll have to find out for yourselves!

This special menu is only available from 1 Feb to 2 Mar.

If you liked it, you can even bring your whole family down for reunion lunch/dinner!

Terms & Conditions
* Prices are subjected to prevailing GST and service charge.
* Pictures are for illustrative purpose only
* While stocks last!
* Management reserves the right to amend terms and conditions without prior notice.

💖It's a PINKY-licious celebration this February!💖Soak into a PINKY-licious festive & Valentine's at Monster Curry! …

Posted by Monster Curry on Saturday, 3 February 2018

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