Don’t Say Bojio: Sheng Siong Has Bubble Tea Milk Tea Mochi For $2.20 For Packet Of 8

The food and beverage (F&B) industry is one of the most fast-moving and thus trends catch on quickly.

Once a fad starts to trend, all marketing-savvy businesses will capitalise on it to boost their sales.

Amongst many others, there were the salted egg craze, the mala craze, and then there’s the bubble tea craze.

While you can surely argue that the first two are still very much in trend, we can all agree that the bubble tea trend is going nowhere currently, especially with it being one of the signature Asian favourites.

And thus as expected, every business in Singapore would be seeking to milk every drop of this trend for their own benefit.

I mean, we’ve had a Chinese hotpot restaurant that serves free-flow bubble tea and French fries with bubble tea pearls in the Philippines, on top of the dozens of different bubble tea shops in Singapore.

And on this episode of Don’t Say Bojio, we have bubble tea… mochi?!

Taiwanese Bubble Tea Mochi

Now selling at Sheng Siong outlets in Singapore is the newest instalment in the bubble tea craze.

Sure, it’s definitely not anywhere near the weirdest food combination.

I mean, bubble tea pearls on French fries is pretty hard to beat.

And this legitimately looks like it could be really good.

I mean, first things first, this is a product imported from Taiwan.

In case you didn’t know, that’s where bubble milk tea is from.

Naturally, that has to be where it tastes the best.

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Also, as reported by 8Days, the Sheng Siong outlets that they visited had a very limited supply left, showcasing their popularity.

How exactly is the ‘bubble tea’ implemented?

Each mochi is powdered with flour on their pillowy texture, sealing in a paste made with the flavour of bubble milk tea.

And in the middle of the mochi – a chewy tapioca pearl like the ones you love in every bubble tea.

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Box or Packets

There appear to be two types of packaging for these bubble tea mochi: box or packets.

Image: 8Days

Packaged in a tray of six are the $2.70 variants, alike to what you’ll see in airport souvenir stores.


They’re larger and more filling, and thus their slightly higher price.

Image: 8Days

However, if you prefer to snack on them by one by one, you might want to go for the $2.20 version.

Packaged into eight individual packets (but each roughly half the size of the box variants), these bite-sized mochis are perfect for a quick snack.

But either way, both are ideal to share with your friends who will go “eh, bojio!” when you open your packet.

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Image: Giphy

Where To Get?

Well, as said earlier, it’s available at all Sheng Siong outlets in Singapore.

But considering the popularity of bubble tea, you might want to head down quickly to prevent yourself from facing an empty shelf.

To be safer, you can consider buying them online from Shopee if you wish.

Image: Giphy

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