Don’t Say Bojio: Starbucks 1 for 1 Again Until 21 Sept


Suffering from Monday blues? Dreading the long day ahead at work?

Don’t worry, because Starbucks is here to save the day!


I couldn’t resist. Because Starbucks, yeah?

Okay, back to the topic.

Starbucks in Singapore is becoming famous for things other than their coffee.

One is, of course, being the congregation point for student hoggers and financial agents. Another is, of course, their 1-for-1 deals.

Starbucks 1-For-1 Venti-Size Beverage Promo…Again

Image: Starbucks Facebook Page

From 18-21 Sep 2017, Starbucks is having a 1-for-1 promo for their handcrafted venti-size beverages.

Unfortunately, the deal is only between 3-5 pm. Or fortunately, depends on how you look at it.

I think I’d just say, hey, lesser queues mah.

There’s also no indication of how many cups are available, which stores have it…etc, so most likely, it’s just like those 1-for-1 deals that Starbucks members often get.

Everywhere except Changi Airport, likely. #ThisIsJustAGuess

There’re still terms and conditions, but since they’re not indicated what they are, we’re going to presume that 1-for-1 means 1-for-1.

And for those who say this will call out to all student hoggers, we’re not going to be able to stay at Starbucks from 3-5pm during weekdays anyway.

We’re lucky enough to go for a coffee run at 3 pm on a workday #JustSaying

What are you waiting for? Tag your coffee buddies immediately! Or someone who happens to be going back to the office at this time lah.

You’re welcome! 😉


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Feature Image: Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page