Don’t Say Bojio: Up to 70% Off Vans & Timberland Shoes in Taka (Till 11 June)

Image: Takashimaya / Vans

So… my colleague’s pet gerbil, Boba, turned two about a week ago.

The celebration was wonderful and we all had a great time but for the fact that the birthday pet caught fire for a little while because someone knocked a candle over.

It was rather unfortunate because our cups were empty of tap water at that point and the other workers in the building didn’t like us hogging the toilet sinks anymore. We ended up rolling Boba around and hoping for the best.

The gerbil is fine now, so don’t worry!

Credits: Gfycat

But at that moment I just found myself wishing I had a pair of high-quality boots, or maybe a solid pair of sneakers. You know, something with thick soles to stamp out the flaming rodent.

Apparently, God was listening to my generous thoughts.

Cheap(er) Shoes with Thick Soles

Here’s the deal before you set me on fire for putting you through more verbal crap.

Credits: Takashimaya

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Too bad my editor doesn’t agree, so I’ll summarise the deal for you in as many words as I can.

Sorry, I mean… For those who can’t load the picture, there’s going to be a bazaar of sorts at Takashimaya, and Timberland and Vans are going for up to 70% off.

That means you might finally be able to afford a pair of Original Yellow Boots and some branded sneakers (sorry, Vans has no clear icon).

Credits: Timberland

How Much Cheaper?

ie How much are their products normally, and hence how much will you really save? 

Ah Hock loved Michelle and asked her, ‘Ai stead mai?’ in the 90s. Today, he tried again but would it work? Prepare some tissue paper and watch their love story here:

Let’s use the Yellow Boot above as a gauge for the price of Timberland’s items.

Their online store quotes a price of $170 for females and $190 for males and yes we are still talking about this one design. Potentially, you can get these for no cheaper than $51 for females or $57 for males, which is a heck lot saved.

As for Vans, we will use the Authentic, which is supposed to be the “original icon of youth culture”.

Credits: Vans

These sell for $50 on Urban Outfitters so they will go no lower than $15 at the Takashimaya sale, which is so crazy it probably won’t happen. But even 50% would be great already, so be content.

For DBS/POSB Card Holders

Applying to Timberland products only, they have an extra deal for those with the right cards:

  • 10% off purchase of 2 items
  • 15% off purchase of 3 or more items


Sale lasts from 30 May (today) to 11 June 2019.

  • Address: Takashimaya, Talking Hall B1, 391A Orchard Rd, Singapore 238873
  • Opening hours: 10am – 9.30pm
  • Telephone: 6738 1111

Snag a good pair of shoes so all your parties in the future will be safe and fire free!