Woman Fills Her Dress with $20K Worth of S’pore Pools Tickets to Show ‘Creativity About Gowns’


Decked in a dress adorned with a colourful array of red and white 4D tickets, Tiktok user @lambeturahtkw is clearly no stranger to both haute couture and the Singapore Pools.

According to her friend’s Facebook Page, the entire dress is made out of a whopping $20,000 worth of pool tickets.

It doesn’t just look like a wedding dress. It costs like one too.

Dressed for the Pool

On the 28th of March, this lady posted a series of TikToks in which she showed off, from head to toe and 360 degrees angles, her humongous gown laden with 4D tickets.

@lambeturahtkw #singaporetiktok #fyp #viral ♬ Uraaaa Remix Bass Beton 2022 – tonyroym2000pro2 [SH]

And it looks good too. 

In another video, she throws a pile of 4D tickets into the air while still clad in the dress, twirling about in the cloud of lottery tickets. 


@lambeturahtkw♬ Love Tonight Engkol Greg Sappodarja – Gregsappodarja

It’s raining money.

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Into the Creative Process

In one of the Tiktoks, the lady’s friends can be seen helping her staple the 4D tickets onto a white dress and helping her put on hair extensions. 

Not only did the lady take TikToks of the creative process, she also posted professional pictures from a photoshoot with the dress, with various slides of her posing prettily inside a lift with two red balloons. 

Image: facebook.com (Payjah Royal Jelly)

She also mentioned in a recent TikTok that the tickets were not just her own, but also her friends’, so group effort definitely went into the making of the dress.

The lady also emphasised that she only wanted to show off the “creative gown”, rather than make any statement in particular, about gambling or otherwise.

Overall, it seems like a fun, innovative effort between her, her photographers and her friends. Well, we’re just glad she’s having a lot of fun with her unused tickets. Huat ah! 

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Featured image: Facebook (Payjah Royal Jelly) & Tiktok (@lambeturahtkw)