Ong Ye Kung Posted His First TikTok Video & It Might be Getting 1 Million Views in 1 Day

Mr Ong Ye Kung might have just created his TikTok account on Saturday, but in just five days, he has already amassed more than 25,400 followers.

And now, he has officially posted his very first TikTok video which has since been viewed over 778,500 times in less than a day.

Posted First TikTok Video

Last week, former Malaysian youth and sports minister, Mr Syed Saddiq successfully got our health minister onto the gen-z-filled platform.

Despite being a newbie to TikTok, Mr Ong has already adapted quickly to the platform—by posting his first TikTok video.

On Tuesday (29 Mar), our for-your-pages were all graced by his TikTok video. Coincidentally, yesterday also marked the first day of going maskless outdoors.

Capitalising on the significant event, Mr Ong began the video in his office, introducing his first video and his plans to head outdoors to see how everyone was adapting to the new measures.

Finally Going Maskless Outdoors

In light of the restrictions being eased, Mr Ong removed his mask once outside of his office.

Showing off his humorous side, he filmed two of his staff and quipped that he could “finally get to see the faces of my staff”.

The video then showed him walking down the street, before transitioning to various shots of Singapore life such as a park, people on the MRT and an outdoor basketball court.

It also stated that people are still getting used to the new measures, as evident by some people still preferring to wear masks while outdoors.

Mr Ong was then shown to be walking along a retail shop walkway which he explained was still considered outdoors as it was exposed to the open air.

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Lunch Break at Tiong Bahru Market

His next stop?

Tiong Bahru market.

Mr Ong once again enlightened us on how hawker centres do not have good ventilation and hence are considered indoors, meaning it was time for him to put on a mask again.

Speaking to people eating at the hawker centre, Mr Ong mentioned how areas of the market had been cordoned off due to safe distancing measures. However, they had now been removed.

And just like all of us, he enjoyed his lunch break with some delicious local favourites.

Interviewing Nurse at SGH

After lunch, Mr Ong’s final stop was at the Singapore General Hospital.

Speaking to a nurse, Mr Ong noted that hospitals are still very busy and that healthcare workers have been working very hard for the past two years.

Ending off his video, Mr Ong urged the public to still be careful even though masks can be removed outdoors and social restrictions have been reduced.

You can watch the full video here:

@ongyekungToday is the first day of the easing of Safe Management Measures 1-5, and marks another big step towards living with COVID-19.Took a walk from my office to nearby Tiong Bahru to see how people are adapting to the changes. Even with the reduced social restrictions, do still remember to keep your guard up, and take care of the vulnerable among us.♬ original sound – Ye Kung Ong

It surely is heartening to see more ministers join social media platforms and use their platforms to educate the public.

Maybe, just maybe we might get to catch a glimpse of them doing a dance soon?

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Featured Image: TikTok (ongyekung)