Maserati Driver Who Dragged TP Officer Got Additional Jailtime For Driving When He Was Banned from Driving

Being banned from driving is one thing.

Being banned from driving, continuing to drive, and then getting caught for flouting driving rules is another.

Either way, there’s a be a hefty price to pay if you find yourself stuck in either situation.

One man found himself in the latter, after being charged with the former.

And that’s not all.

The Driving-Related Offence

Lee Cheng Yan, now 38, was caught by Staff Sergeant Abd Kahar on 17 November 2017 for driving without a seatbelt. Lee was driving a white Maserati at that time.

However, just as SSG Kahar was approaching him, Lee sped off and caused SSG Kahar to get dragged along Bedok Reservoir road after SSG Kahar’s uniform got stuck in Lee’s car door.

Lee did not stop after SSG Kahar fell onto the road, and fled the scene instead.

And here’s the thing: He was already under a driving ban at that point in time.

He also claimed in court that the man behind the wheel was someone named Kelvin, whose appearance was similar to his.

Sounds somewhat believable, right?

Well, it would have been if Kelvin wasn’t an imaginary person made up by Lee.

However, even after being sentenced to four years and seven months of jail, a fine of $3,700 and a lifetime driving ban, Lee did not stop there.

The (Next) Driving-Related Offence

After being released on bail, Lee was caught on 12 March 2021 at around 4 am once again for fleeing after a failed breathalyser test when he was stopped at a roadblock along Macpherson Road.

Lee was driving a BMW that his friend had rented. He drove at 140km/h and even beat several red lights in an attempt to escape the arrest.

Although two police officers on motorcycles gave chase, they eventually lost sight of him after chasing him for 2.4km.

Lee was arrested three days later.

Illegal Football Betting

Being an agent and punter for illegal football betting services and lotteries, Lee helped arrange other people’s bets and transferred them winnings that amounted to $3,756.

He also engaged in the betting himself, with the highest amount he bet being $38,000.

These offences took place between August 2015 and September 2017.


Yup, there’s more.

Sometime in 2017, Lee also helped another man, Philbert Lim Zong Xian, track down addresses of people who owed Lim money.

He did so by contacting Singtel retail consultant Kelvin Foo Cheek Ann and offering him $20 for each phone number he obtained. Lee then told Lim about the information, allowing the debtors to be harassed through various means.

Lee charged Lim $350 per phone number obtained.

Foo was then sentenced to 18 weeks’ jail, while Lim’s case is currently still pending.

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The Charges

Lee plead guilty yesterday (27 January) to 15 charges, which include dangerous driving, illegal football betting and graft.

Lee, who is still currently serving his first jail term, was sentenced to another one year, nine months and 16 weeks’ jail. He was also fined $1,000 for his graft charges.

Another 54 charges were also taken into consideration.

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