Men Caught for Hiding Drugs Within Papaya in Fruit Basket at Pasir Panjang

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While fruits are generally meant to be eaten, some took an alternative approach to them.

In this instance, a group of eight men were arrested for suspected drug trafficking activities due to drugs found in a papaya.

A total of about 375g of ‘Ice’, about 37g of heroin, about 135g of ketamine and an Erimin-5 tablet were seized during the operation, which took place in multiple locations in Singapore.

Smuggle Drugs Estimated To Be Worth About $124,000

On 17 September, Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) officers intercepted a vehicle in the vicinity of River Valley Road and arrested two Singaporeans, aged 29 and 48.

During their search, the officers came across a papaya which concealed three bundles containing about 333g of ‘Ice’, and two bundles containing about 121g of ketamine.

Image: CNB

Image: CNB

Another 42g of ‘Ice’, 37g of heroin, 14g of ketamine and an Erimin-5 tablet were also recovered from the vehicle.

According to the statement from CNB, the drugs seized were estimated to be worth about $124,000.

Arrested Eight Men, Consisting of Singaporeans And Malaysians

Out of the eight men arrested, five are Singaporeans, while the remaining three are Malaysians.

Their ages are between 18 and 50 years old.

In a follow-up operation from the earlier arrest, CNB officers arrested three Malaysians, aged 18, 22 and 27, near Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre, where the fruit basket containing the papaya was believed to have been loaded at.

Later that evening, CNB officers also arrested two Singaporeans, aged 34 and 50, in the vicinity of Clementi Avenue 4, while another 44-year-old Singaporean was arrested near Bukit Purmei Avenue.

The three Singaporeans are believed to be linked to the drugs seized from the two Singaporeans near River Valley Road earlier.

“The total amount of 375g of ‘Ice’ seized is sufficient to feed the addiction of about 215 abusers for a week,” said CNB.

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The suspected drug trafficking activities are currently undergoing investigations.

Other Drug Trafficking Cases in Singapore

In February this year, two brothers, Mr Mohamed Mubin Abdul Rahman and Mr Lokman Abdul Rahman were convicted of drug trafficking offences.

Mr Lokman was also found guilty of drug possession, with two bundles containing a total of 39.28g of diamorphine, as well as other packets of drugs, on him. The CNB officers also found other drug packets during their search at his apartment located at Katong Park Towers.

A 29-year-old man who fled from a high-speed car chase was arrested last Saturday, September 12, for suspected drug trafficking offences.

In the same operation, the CNB also arrested four other Singaporeans aged between 25 and 34 for suspected drug offences.

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About 7g of methamphetamine, also known as Ice, was seized in raids conducted in multiple locations in Singapore.

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