Drunk Man Jumped onto Car for Insurance Fraud But Got Owned by Driver

Here’s the thing that many should really know by now: in this digital age when even your glasses can be a camera, you’re being recorded everywhere.

Try something funny and you’ll in the news shortly.

But this man doesn’t seem to get the memo.

So here’s what happened yesterday (11 June 2017): Facebook user Terry Loo was driving along Pasir Ris Farmway 2 when a man in yellow bermudas stood in the middle of the road. Terry stopped the car, and even muttered, “Why is that guy walking in the middle of the road?”

Then  the man, like a magnet attracted to Terry’s Honda Vezel, rushed towards it and jumped on it.

In fact, the running process was a whole six seconds. And the run was really, for the lack of a better word…classic.

See the video for yourself.

According to The Straits Times, Terry said that after that, the man even went to the extent of punching and kicking the car. When Terry confronted him, the man told Terry that he was injured and held up three fingers, as if asking for a compensation of $300.

Terry pointed at his in-car camera, and the man immediately ended his request.

Burn, indeed.

The man, who is 35, was later arrested for committing a rash act. And here’s the thing: the police were apparently looking for him even before the incident as they had received a call about someone causing trouble somewhere there.

Cases of insurance fraud aren’t new: two years ago, a video showing an elderly man hurling himself at another car went viral, though he wasn’t arrested.

The General Insurance Association of Singapore strongly encouraged that drivers install in-car camera. I remember that a few years back, one could cost well over $100; now, you can get one for less than $20.

If you can afford a car, I’m very sure you can fork out $20 for that, no?

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This article was first published on goodyfeed.com

Featured Image: Facebook (Terry Loo Peng Leong)

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