Woman Drank So Much, She Fell into River at Robertson Quay & Had to Be Rescued by SCDF

Have you ever had a wild night out where you give in to your joy-seeking instincts where you partied, drank, till you woke up somewhere reeking of alcohol?

Where’s the worst place you’ve woken up after drinking?

Hopefully, your friends brought you home and did not leave you lying down somewhere by the street.

There are quite an amount of possibilities and every time you decide to ‘go big tonight’, it’s like you’re spinning a roulette wheel to see where you’ll end up.

One of the worst places, without a doubt, is probably in the Singapore River.

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Woman Fell Into Singapore River at Robertson Quay

At 6:25pm on 3 June, the Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) received a call for a water rescue.

Apparently, members of the public had spotted her and threw her a lifebuoy while awaiting rescue from the SCDF.

Fortunately, she appeared to be conscious and managed to keep herself afloat.

After the SCDF arrived, they then set up a ladder which allowed the woman to climb out of the river.

Image: Stomp

Afterwards, she was then taken away on a stretcher and escorted to Singapore General Hospital, most likely for follow-ups to ensure there were no after-effects.

Image: Stomp

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Did Not Know How She Fell In

As you’d have already known, the woman was really intoxicated after consuming a significant amount of alcohol.

Why though? Was she celebrating the end of the circuit breaker? Even though there’s actually not much to celebrate about?

To add on, she claimed that she had no idea how she fell into the river.

Image: Giphy

Honestly, it’s both impressive and weird that she drank enough to fall into the Singapore River and have no idea how she got there yet remained clear-headed and conscious enough to keep herself afloat till the SCDF’s arrival.

The tread water drills from swimming lessons as a kid must have paid off.

One thing you got to admit, though: she’s pretty impressive for getting drunk outside at a time where entertainment venues are temporarily closed.

Image: Tenor
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