E-scooter Going at 60 kmh Hit Boy Who Suffered a Concussion

I‘ve always liked Sonic since I was a kid.

Like, gotta go fast right?

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…Okay, that wasn’t the sonic I remembered.

However, there are times where you really shouldn’t go fast.

Like when you’re in a school zone. Gotta be mindful of the children, right?

Or, when you’re on a… *deep breath*

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FREAKING E-SCOOTER!! (It’s okay, Kermit. We still love you)

I hate E-scooters with a passion. If I have to choose between world peace and destruction of all E-scooters, well… I’ll pick world peace.

But you get the idea.

Ever since I was hit by one in a shopping mall (Yes, a shopping mall!), I’ve developed some sorta personal vendetta towards them.

And then, I was shown this article about a man riding an E-scooter, possibly going at 60km/h along the sidewalk of 550 woodlands drive 44.

What’s more, he hit a seven year kid, sending the poor kid tumbling onto the ground.

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Let me just briefly talk about the injuries sustained by the kid.

Bleeding from the mouth, checked.

Swelling of his right cheek, checked.

Sprained left wrist, checked.

Concussion resulting in an inability to speak for the next 6 hours, checked.

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The list goes on.

Now my blood is boiling like a pot of Bah-Kut-Teh.

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The worst part? Instead of apologizing, the rider accused the kid of getting in his way and turned violent. Fearing for the safety of his child, the father (Wu Zhi Xiang, 35) called the police for help (good call, dad).

When the rider realized that the father was calling the cops, he attempted to flee the scene with his wife. Thank goodness a family friend of the father stopped them from doing so.

Police investigations are currently underway.

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Heck yeah.

He’s no Sonic, and definitely no hero.

No matter how you look at it, there’s no way out of this mess for this rider. Going 60km/h with an E-scooter is a death sentence in my book (Imagine getting rammed by it). Let’s hope he gets what he deserved.

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