Woman Slapped Old Man For Brushing Past Her With Bicycle, Said She Was Just Released From Jail


Prison is supposed to be a turning point in your life. You commit a mistake, go in and come out a new person.

Well, this logic doesn’t seem to work. For one person at least. If anything, she seemed to have gone in and turned out even worse.

What happened?

Image: Stomp

This incident happened nearly one year ago.

According to Stomp, an old male cyclist had apparently ringed his bell at a woman twice, for her to get out of his way. When she didn’t oblige, he chose to go for it, and allegedly brushed past her.

Well, he certainly picked the wrong person to do that to. The offended woman proceeded to push him onto the floor and even slapped him.

In the video, the woman can be seen shouting at the cyclist and can be heard saying that she just got released from prison, and warned him not to mess with her.

There was a point in time when she raised her hand to slap the old man and started challenging him, saying, “You want to fight? Fight ah, fight!”



Quite understandably, Netizens were outraged.

Some were positive that the woman had to be thrown back into jail a second time in order to ‘wake up’.

Image: ROADS.sg Facebook Page

While there were others that attributed the blame equally.

Image: ROADS.sg Facebook Page

And ones that condemned the cyclist.

Image: ROADS.sg Facebook Page


While the woman was undoubtedly in the wrong, the cyclist wasn’t totally angelic either.

To have allegedly brushed past her intentionally, even if she had stood there like a tree trunk, wasn’t the most gentlemanly thing to do.

But to have slapped an elderly man shows the kind of person she was.

How do I put it… she’s not exactly the kind of alumni prisons would want to stick on their walls when campaigning for ‘Prisons change people. Come to ours to have your problems fixed!’

I suppose the message in this incident (if any) is ‘Ride safely; Obey protocol’.

You don’t want to incur the wrath of Medusa just because you want to get home five minutes earlier, right?

What about you? Who do you think’s in the wrong here? Tell us in the comments!

You can watch the video of the incident below:

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