You Can Soon Rent An E-Scooter For $2/Half Hour In Downtown & Neighbourhood Areas

Sick of oBike?

Want something new? Want something exciting?

Well, how about an E-Scooter?

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From September 2017 onwards, a new electric scooter sharing platform – Singapore based company PopScoot – will be available in the heartland and downtown areas.

E-scooter docks will be implemented at Manulife Centre, Republic Plaza, Tiong Bahru Plaza and City Square Mall.

The e-scooters will cost $2 for 30 minutes with the first 10 minutes free of charge.

How does it work?

PopScoot operates via a Bluetooth app-based unlocking system – you release the e-scooters from their docks by using your mobile phone. If you’ve used the bike sharing service oBike before, this would be a piece of cake for you.

There will also be an in-app GPS, that allows users to find available scooters and monitor their travelling routes, as well as a remote immobilization function.

The e-scooters CAN be deployed without a dock or in a self-charging docked system.

Here’s a video of how it will roughly look like.

But of course, you’re not guaranteed an attractive stranger of the opposite sex riding a scooter alongside you.



I think it’s worth a shot. Bikes get boring after a while, and what better way to rev it up by piloting a scooter?

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But really, the main question here is, how long will it take before one of their e-scooter gets stolen?

After all, it has happened before to another company, Telepod. And just after one month of operations.

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