We Ate Water ‘Cockroach’ & Forest Scorpion; They Tasted Good

Hi everyone! This is Yiin Jiunn, your residential bug eater.

And yes, I do mean bugs—like crickets, locusts, scorpions and grasshoppers. I’m pretty sure I can guess the look on your faces now. It’s probably something like:

Well, perhaps it’s due to the fact that most of us are actually brought up in a city and insects are often being associated with dirty and scary things, that a good number of our population are actually afraid of insects.

A shame, if you were to ask me.

Why? Because bugs are amongst some of my favourite types of food.

Fried Tarantula in Cambodia
Lightly salted fried cricket
Crunchy beetle

Well, anyway.

Due to a strange turn of events(and a promise that we’ll be eating cockroaches on camera), I ended up ordering a few packets of dehydrated insects. Too bad they don’t sell deep fried insects though.

Ok, to be exact, this video led to us having to eat cockroaches:

…Yeah. I tried my best to look for cockroaches, but couldn’t find a supplier that carries them. Edible cockroaches are farm bred, meaning they are actually “clean” and is fit for consumption and in some cases, medical use.

So, I decided to settle for something similar and in a way, more menacing.

The water scorpion (AKA water bug/water cockroach).

(D’aww! Would you just look at those cute, gigantic eyes!)

Hmm, for some reason the Water Bug is missing its legs.

Nonetheless, it’s still about the size of four of my fingers! It’s also way bigger than a regular cockroach—I suppose this will make a good substitute, eh?

Moving on, we have the Asian Forest Scorpion!

…And I think I’ve solved (partially) the mystery of the missing Water Bug legs.

The Scorpion is hugging one of the broken limbs(I think) of the Water Bug! In terms of looks, don’t you think that the scorpion looks a lot more appetizing?

If not for the sake of the video, I would have eaten the scorpion already!

Now, it’s time for the taste test! For those of you who are interested in seeing Zhi Hao and Boon Hun suffer, do check out the video below!

We’ve said more than once that we’ll livestream ourselves eating cockroaches. Here’s our promise.

Posted by Goody Feed TV – Singapore on Wednesday, 7 February 2018

(Oh so much joy)

That was honestly the most fun I’ve had in awhile. I’m sure they are not going to forget this anytime soon!

Now, time for a totally unbiased review about the taste of the bugs!

Water Bug (Water Cockroach)

The Water Bug is a little sweet and is pretty crispy, probably due to the dehydration. It sorta tastes like peanut, with a hint of pistachio. Though, I have to say that it is a little stale. Perhaps it has been sitting in the packaging for quite a while?

After all, nothing can beat the freshly fried insects sold in Cambodia and Thailand!

Asian Forest Scorpion

Ahh, the scorpion. The pincers are crunchy and pretty salty, kinda like when you’re biting into the shells of a crab. The texture is superb and you can just hear the crunch the moment you sink your teeth into it!

The abdomen of the scorpion though—is quite bitter.

…I wonder what its last meal was before it became my meal.


Overall, the Goody Feed team rates this to be a relatively positive experience! The bugs don’t taste horrible, and some of the others (Especially Celeste) has expressed their interest in trying more types of bugs!

Perhaps I could get them to eat the freshly fried bugs during our company trip?

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