Former Mediacorp Actor Edwin Goh is Now Working in Retail in Australia & Also Taking Acting Classes


Singaporean Actor Edwin Goh’s Career Move: From Mediacorp to Retail and Acting Classes in Australia

If you’re a fan of local media, you may already know about Edwin Goh’s and his girlfriend, Rachel Wan’s relocation to Australia. If you were saddened by that news, I regret to say there’s more to the story.

On 5 December, Edwin Goh took to Instagram to announce his departure from Mediacorp.

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He shared that he has taken on a retail job to step out of his comfort zone and has been actively pursuing acting classes in Australia.

About Edwin Goh and His Move

In case you weren’t aware, Edwin Goh is a Singaporean actor who made his acting debut in MediaCorp’s Channel 5’s drama Fighting Spiders at the age of 15. =

He rose to fame with his role as a rebellious teenage son in a crime drama, On the Fringe =. Over the years, he graced our screens in various Mediacorp dramas like My Star Bride, My Guardian Angels, Strike Gold and more.

His talents do not stop there. Edwin and his girlfriend, Rachel, are even co-founders of Unravel, a brand specialising in producing handcrafted crochet pieces that combines traditional and contemporary techniques and styles.


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Their decision to move to Australia was driven by a combination of factors, including burn out from Singapore’s fast-paced lifestyle and personal loss in Rachel’s life.

These circumstances prompted them to reevaluate how they were spending their time on this planet.

Edwin expressed a desire to seek out “new experiences” considering he has been an actor for most of his life.

Acting Classes and a New Job Experience

In the Instagram reel he posted, Edwin expressed gratitude to Mediacorp for the years of growth, experience, and opportunities. He even shared a clip of him returning his work pass after over a decade of working.

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He enthusiastically shared that he has had the opportunity to work in retail, showcasing what appeared to be the perfume section of a department store.

Source: Instagram (@edwininja)

He explained that he sought to expand his horizons by stepping out of his comfort zone, acknowledging that he has never had a “real-life” occupation outside of acting.

His excitement might die though once he experiences working during sales periods or dealing with pesky customers demanding exchanges or refunds… Yes, I may be speaking from personal experience.

In addition to his retail job, Edwin has been dedicated to enhancing his acting skills by taking acting classes and auditioning for different gigs in Australia.

Before concluding his announcement, he expressed heartfelt gratitude to his fans for their unwavering support throughout his acting journey.

You can check out his reel here:


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