Netizen Couldn’t Stop Elderly from Going Out During CB Period to Play Pokemon GO

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Taking care of your parents and grandparents is an inevitable part of life as you grow older.

But now, with the Covid-19 outbreak, we have the additional responsibility of ensuring that our elderly family members don’t contract the disease, as it’s particularly deadly for older patients.

So, we advise them to stay at home as much as possible, while we try our best to avoid going out.

But as you know, stubbornness increases with age, and it may not always be possible to prevent them from going outside.

Especially if they want to play Pokemon Go.

Netizen Couldn’t Stop Elderly from Going Out During CB Period to Play Pokemon GO

A frustrated netizen took to Reddit to complain about his stubborn elderly family member.

Image: Reddit

As you know, the government recently imposed a soft lockdown of sorts called a “circuit breaker”, where all schools and non-essential workplaces will be closed for a month, from 7 April to 4 May.

Residents were strongly encouraged to stay at home and only go out for essential trips like buying food and exercising at parks.

But this netizen’s elderly family member refuses to stay indoors because he wants to play Pokemon Go.

He also said that the elderly man always makes “comments about killing the entire family but he seems to wanna do it for real now.”

Image: Giphy

I understand that everyone is a little agitated from being cooped up in the house but this is a little crazy.

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Despite the ‘lockdown’ and his family’s advice to stay indoors, the man insists on going out to play his favourite little game.

The netizen added that he pays almost all the bills, including the data he uses to play Pokemon Go.

Reader: Well, couldn’t he just cut off his data so he can’t play the game anymore? That’s what I would do.


Sure, but remember what this old man said about killing his family? Would you still cut his data?


Image: Giphy

In response to questions from some commenters, the netizen clarified that the old man does have an exercise bike at home, but prefers to play outside.

He said he “didn’t give a damn” about the old man’s Pokemon craze before the Covid-19 pandemic, but now it seems that he is clearly “obsessed”.

And he isn’t just being overly-cautious; the old man has been coughing a lot in the last two days, according to the netizen.

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Netizen reaction

At the end of his post, he asks “Is there nothing I can do legally because its not a real lockdown?”.

But his fellow netizens didn’t really help much.


Image: Reddit

Image: Reddit

Some argued, however, that this is just like exercising, and is fine as long as he maintains social distancing.

Image: Reddit

But the netizen replied, saying that the old man shouldn’t go out because he is coughing, and hence can infect others.


Yes, the gahmen is allowing us to go outside for essential trips, but that’s only if we really have to leave our homes. Do we want a situation where police officers enforce this lockdown, forcing us to stay at home at all times?

We have a little freedom now, let’s not abuse it. Especially to play Pokemon Go, of all things.

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