Elderly Who Just Wanted a $5 Haircut in Yishun Eventually Paid $1,980; Salon Has Since Responded

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A $5 haircut may sound like an absolute steal considering today’s market rate, but the question begets;

Is it truly as cheap as it presents itself to be?

After all, the price tag merely serves as a form of display.;

What hides underneath, much like how the nutritional table of most food products conceal hidden ingredients, could end up being something else altogether.


Cleaner Who Just Wanted a $5 Haircut in Yishun Eventually Paid $1,980

According to Shin Min Daily Newsan elderly man, who went to a hair salon expecting a paltry $5 haircut, ended up forking out an exorbitant $1,980 for a hair treatment package…

And not of his own ‘volition’, he has alleged.

For the record, the hair salon’s situated in Yishun.

According to the news report, Mr He, 62, and his wife were passing by the aforementioned hair salon in the area last Saturday (25 July 2020), when they saw that it was offering a haircut at just $5. Like many of us would, they went in to try it out.

After the haircut was performed, an employee invited Mr He to do a free scalp test, and the elderly man complied. Following the test, however, the employee revealed that there were complications regarding Mr He’s scalp…

And that hair loss may occur as a result.

Image: Tenor

At this point, Mr He expressed how two to three employees “hovered” around him, trying to convince him to take up a treatment package that comes with a one-time fee of $98.

When he did not seem interested, they turned their attention to his wife, asking her to take up a treatment method that costs $128.

Reluctant, Mr He’s wife rejected the offer, only to get peppered with an additional deal that supposedly costs $500 for ten times.


Apparently, the couple was situated two seats apart, and as such was unable to communicate efficiently.

Well, we finally see something bad coming out from safe distancing.

The employees then continued to “bomb” Mr He’s wife with package deals, and she eventually complied, agreeing to a one-time treatment process.

At this point, an employee allegedly walked over to Mr He, saying that it was time for payment.

As Mr He was going through a hair wash at that point, he was unable to accept or refuse.

According to him, the employee then took Mr He’s wallet from his pocket, and took it to the counter.


And that’s not even the worst part.

Apparently, the entire treatment process, including the initial haircut, cost around 100 dollars. But when the receipt came out…

It was a whopping $1,980.

Image: Cyber Definitions

Note to self: always check the receipt if you’re paying with your card or phone.



So, how did the hair salon convince them to take up the package?

According to Shin Min Daily News, the employees at the hair salon also utilised a number of “pity ploys” to guilt trip the elderly couple.

One, for instance, said that she has to feed her children back in China, and appealed to Mr He to be a good person “till the end”.

She also asked Mr He to scrimp and save a little more each day, so that he could pay for the treatment package in full.

During the whole “fiasco”, Mr He and his wife contemplated stepping outside to call the police. However, the employee called them back, saying that the treatment process has yet to conclude.


According to Mr He, the hair salon offered to refund a part of the incurred amount, but later expressed that they were unable to refund due to a lack of cash (on site).

He eventually filed a police report, two days after the incident.


The hair salon has since spoken out, stating that they have been maligned. According to the salon’s manager, the couple had taken up the package of their own volition.

The salon also stated that they have a routine 7-day policy: should a customer be unsatisfied with the service within those 7 days, they will be entitled to a full refund.

The manager then reiterated that there was indeed a problem with Mr He’s scalp, and that they’re essentially just “creating trouble” at this point.


According to Shin Min Daily News, police investigations are now ongoing.

Not The First Time

Well, I guess only time will tell as to who’s telling the truth here. However, it should be noted that this is not the first time such an incident has happened, though the salon in question seems to differ.

Back in 2019, a man turned up at a salon for a $5 haircut, only to end up paying $4,799 for a hair treatment package.

The man’s daughter later accused the hair salon, that’s also located in Yishun, of ‘coercing’ her father into purchasing the hair treatment package by showing him “worms” on his scalp.

Nevertheless, Yishun is still a goody place lah. Just check out this video (and also subscribe to our YouTube channel, please?):