Man Got Uneven Haircut in Budget Salon & Hairdresser Allegedly Said, ‘It’ll Grow Back’

To most people, hairstyle’s just about everything. A good haircut can make your entire month; a bad one could sour your mood for days or even weeks on end.

And for the record, I certainly know how the latter feels. Having checked out a faraway barber shop out of novelty, I was soon horrified to find out that the barber had cut my fringe ludicrously short and left me looking like something out of the old Nezha cartoon.

“Wtf is this shit?” I remember saying. I would’ve raised a ruckus too, had there not been customers in line and the fact that the barber had a really apologetic expression going on. But suffice it to say; I never went back there again.

And yet, I’ve to mention that the barber in my case had, at the very least, the good grace to look apologetic for it. I can’t even imagine what I would’ve done if the barber gave me a ludicrous haircut and had the actual audacity to say it’s alright.

“Well, if you really want to know…” my colleague wrote in an email post-slip.

“Maybe you will find the following article interesting.”

Man Got Uneven Haircut in Budget Salon & Hairdresser Allegedly Said, ‘It’ll Grow Back’

It’s one thing to burn the toast.

It’s quite another to burn the toast and deny any fault of your own.

On Tuesday morning (19 May), Facebook user Joshua Then visited H I Salon in Woodlands and paid for a $10 haircut and a $5 wash. The seemingly routine cut, however, turned out rather botchy.

“I went there in the late morning.

“After the aunty cut my hair, I realised that my hair was not balanced

“When I told her that she had cut my hair unevenly, she tried to deny that it was her fault and said, ‘It’s okay, boy, your hair will grow back, don’t think so much about it.

Incidentally, here’s how Joshua’s hair looked like:

Image: Joshua Then
Image: Facebook (Joshua Then)


Understandably ticked off, Joshua then requested for the barber to correct his haircut and make it a balanced one. The barber, however, had fine words for him.

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“I told her to try and make my hair balanced but she said cannot and that my hair would grow back,” he said. “She told me, ‘Boy ah, your hair like this is okay one. You don’t go think and look at your hair is fine already.'”

Now, why does that sound like what my mum would say when she can’t be bothered.

After the entire ‘ordeal’, Joshua took a look at the salon’s Facebook page and noticed that there were “a lot of bad reviews“.

One review, in particular, even dissed the salon in all of its satirical tone.

Image: Facebook (H I Salon)

And another conveyed her boyfriend’s annoyance at the Woodlands outlet.

Image: Facebook (H I Salon)

Meanwhile, Joshua has also entailed his own review on his Facebook page. And to no one’s surprise in particular, it seems that the barber in question has attracted other ‘fans’ as well.

Image: Facebook (H I Salon)

DJ Jade Rasif has also added her two cents to the equation, commenting “Omg poor thing” on the page.


For the record, it’s reportedly Joshua’s first time visiting the salon.

Well, it looks like it might be his last too.

You can view Joshua’s Facebook review down below:

And just for fun, here’s a true story: my colleague once went to a barber and told the auntie, “NS-style cut.”


He expected it to be an NSman style and halfway through the cut, he knew the auntie had mistaken it was a recruit style instead.

He had then come to the office and just told one person to tell the rest of us about his story because he’s tired of repeating the story.

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