Everything About The Rape Accusation Against Neymar, A Girl He Knew in Instagram

If you don’t know who Neymar is, he is a Brazilian professional footballer playing for French club Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazil national team.

He also happens to be the most expensive football player, being transferred for 222 million Euros, and if that amount didn’t tell you, one of the best players in the world.

But if there’s also anything else you need to know Neymar for, even if you are not a football fan, it is the existence of Neymar diving memes.

Summary: Accused of rape, but innocent

He’s also accused of rape by a woman he knew through Instagram, where they met in a Paris hotel room.

Spoiler alert: he released messages of their chat history, proving himself to be completely innocent.

A rich person getting extorted with a rape accusation, but turns out to be innocent?

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A woman was in Paris 15 to 17 May

On the evening of 15th May, as the woman claims, Neymar “turned aggressive” and raped her. Before this, they spoke and “exchanged caresses”. Neymar was the one who paid for the trip.

She returned to Brazil on 17th May, to then file a report in São Paulo, where she lives. Being “emotionally shaken” is the reason given for not reporting the case earlier.

News report of the case then appeared on 1st June.

Father commented publicly

In a Brazilian TV interview, Neymar’s father, Neymar Santos Sr., said, “This is a tough moment,” and “If we can’t show the truth quickly it will be a snowball.”

This is when Neymar and his father decided to deny the case publicly, and explain that it was an extortion.

According to Neymar Sr., Neymar did not want to continue dating the woman. The woman returned to Brazil from Paris after that. Then, they received contact from a lawyer claiming to represent the woman, with a threat of the woman going to the police with a rape charge against Neymar if he didn’t agree to pay up.

Neymar then released 7 min video and Whatsapp chat logs

On 2nd June, Neymar then released a 7-minute video on Instagram, explaining that he is being accused.

In that video are also private Whatsapp messages that not revealed that Neymar is actually a nice guy and that the woman was the one who constantly asked him for sex.

So yeah, she’s basically a thot.

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The Instagram video actually seems to have been removed while writing this article (I literally refreshed the page and it’s gone), but can still be found on his Facebook page.

Facebook Video Explanation of extortion

Image: Neymar Facebook

After that, He added the caption “Because of extortion I’m being forced to expose my life and family…”, translated from Portuguese. The video itself is also in Portuguese, so I have to rely on Deadspin‘s translations here.

Neymar admitted to having sex with the woman, but it was “a relationship between a man and a woman, within four walls, like with any couple.”

After saying that it is extortion and claiming his innocence, he showed a series of screenshots of WhatsApp messages between him and the woman. These were from early March to May 16, the day after the incident.

WhatsApp logs show woman basically asking for sex every day

Had the woman been a little more discreet or smarter, the rape allegation might have actually went through. But thankfully for Neymar, the woman isn’t very smart and couldn’t have been thirstier in the chat logs.

André Noruega has given a translation of the entire thing, which you can view here:


But in case you don’t want to leave Goody Feed, there are a few key points:

  • Lots of sexting and nudes from the woman
  • A woman almost begs for sex, with sentences like “Hello source of my impure dreams <3 you make my libido go mad” and “I’m worth four women, all of them wanting to please you”
  • Neymar is eager too but asked if she wanted to bring along a friend to Paris because otherwise, she might be bored when Neymar is working
  • She rejected to bring a friend
  • The above lasted for 2 months
  • After the sex on 16th May, the woman told him how good the sex was and how she wanted to have sexy times again
  • More invitations continued even until before the flight on 17th May

With the amount of hydration the woman is lacking, one wonders if she was the one who raped Neymar instead.

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