Everything About the Unethical Property Agent Who ‘Forced’ a Deal


These days, everyone is out to make a quick buck. It’s kind of understandable, as the price of things have gone up.

But then ah, where do you draw the line in easy money? Would you take advantage of a person who’s incapable of defending himself?

Here’s a sad story that’s bound to break your heart, and then make you curse and demand for justice too.

Image: Channel News Asia

What’s The Story?

A property agent was forced to pay S$6,000 in fines for misconduct in a case that involved a person suffering from dementia.

He’s also been suspended yah, in case you’re wondering if he had any other harsher punishment meted out.

So the property agent, Ng Ser Leong was trying to help an old couple sell their HDB flat. The man, who was part of Propnex Realty, failed in making sure that one of the sellers of the property (who was not only having dementia but also illiterate) fully understood the consequences of selling the flat she co-owned with her other half.

Image: The Straits Times

Ng was asked to look into the sale of the HDB flat in August 2015, as a friend of the woman’s husband had spoken to him about selling the house.

The wife has apparently been living in a nursing home for the past decade in Pasir Ris. While the old man had told Ng about his wife’s condition and that she would also need to sign the papers for selling the HDB flat, Ng had responded by saying that her fingerprints were more than enough.

He then proceeded to visit the wife and get her fingerprint. He missed out filling up some key info like the purchase price on the papers, which counts as a violation.

How Did The Case Get Highlighted?

Well, the couple’s kids only found out that the house had been sold when the old man had a fall and was hospitalised. The elderly couple’s son and a potential buyer who had completed an Option to Purchase filed a complaint against Ng.

Ng has plead guilty to two charges with the Council for Estate Agencies. The first strike, which involved Ng failing to conduct due diligence and care in the work he did, cost him S$3,000 as well as a suspension for 7 months.

His second strike involved the fact that he had asked his client to sign a contract without the key information details filled up. For this charge, Ng was fined another S$3,000 plus an added suspension of 4 months.

Both suspension periods will run simultaneously from 19 October 2017. Ng has another 4 charges being called up against him for his sentencing.

Hmm… I think justice has been delivered, and I hope Ng repents and doesn’t try to make a quick buck again. Kinda sad to see him make use of a person’s deteriorating mental health condition, right?

But before anything, here’s something even more shocking: before 2010, there were no system to regulate property agents. The Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) was then set up to bring in some law and order.

Let’s hope this will become a lesson to others!


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