Footage of Passenger Wanting to Pay Ride in Rupees & ‘Chinese Dollars’ Went Viral


A video uploaded earlier on Stomp (don’t you love citizen journalism) by Uber Trooper went viral, depicting an inebriated (allegedly) foreigner wanting to pay his car ride in rupees.

Take a look at it first:

It is evident that the driver was losing his cool, as the conversation was going back and forth.

And the passenger does seem like he is in some state of drunken stupor from his slow responses.

So it starts with the passenger coming back from the ATM, claiming he wants to go back to the hotel so he can change his rupees into Singapore dollars.

The driver refuses, claiming he has ended the trip and that he has another passenger to pick up.

After two minutes of squabbling (and a few F-bombs by the driver), the passenger offered 2,000 rupees (which is about S$42), to which the driver started yelling, “I don’t care about rupees, we are in Singapore” and finally kicking him out.

So after viewing the video, some things just don’t add up.


If he went to the ATM to withdraw cash, won’t he be able to get the cash in Singapore dollars?

And according to the article by Stomp, the rupees offered were in Rs500 and Rs 1000, and those denominations won’t be accepted by money changers and bank in Singapore.

The passenger also offered to pay in “Chinese”dollars. Wait, Chinese. How many currencies does he have? And what the heck is a Chinese dollar?

With that said, the driver could have handled this situation with a little more tact. Because let’s face it: other than trying to get paid, what else do you think the driver was trying to achieve?

Would he receive some money after filming this?

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Featured Image: Facebook (Stomp)