Everything About the Chinese Daredevil Who Fell to his Death After Performing Rooftop Chin-up


It is human nature to constantly push ourselves to challenge our limits.

Wu Yong Ning was in a community of people who often engage in the dangerous activity of ‘roof-topping’.

According to Shanghaiist, he was known to be “China’s first roof topper”.

‘Roof-topping’ is an often illegal activity that require thrill-seekers to climb up to dangerous heights just to take a selfie or a video.


Unfortunately, Wu fell to his death when he was trying to perform a stunt on Nov 8.

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According to The Straits Times, Wu was on a 62-storey building in Changsha, China. He was trying to lower himself down the side of the building using his hands only and do chin-ups.

He succeeded once but things went wrong when he tried again.

He had difficulty completing the action and was seen struggling in the video.

The 26-year-old hung onto the edge of the building for 20 seconds before he lost his grip and fell.


Wu took up a challenge which promised 100,000yuan (S$20,400).

Although not verified, it was rumoured that he wanted to use the money to cover for his mother’s medical bills.
He also planned to propose to his girlfriend the next day and needed the money for the wedding.
Image: The Times
Followers of his Weibo account were speculating about his death as he had not been posting any videos for a while.

According to The Beijing News, Wu’s girlfriend called the police on Nov 9, after he failed to return.

His death was verified by his girlfriend one month later via her Weibo account.

The South Morning Post says that Wu performs his stunts without any safety equipment.


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