Everything About the Korean Plane That Crashed at Changi Airport in 60 Sec

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For all of you aviation enthusiasts, I’m sure you’ve heard of the bi-annual Singapore Airshow.

For this year, it started today (6 Feb) and will be ongoing till 11 Feb.

Featuring aerobatic flying displays by teams from other countries such as UK, S.Korea and Thailand, the exhibition is bound to attract thousands.

Just this afternoon (6 Feb), an accident was reported at the show.

According to Stomp, a single-seater aircraft got into an accident while it was taking off from Runway 1 at Changi Airport.

The plane is part of the South Korean aerobatic team ‘ The Black Eagles’.

iAt around 1:30 p.m., it was taking off for the flying display programme when its tyre burst, according to The Straits Times.

The plane then flipped over, skidded, and crashed into a grass verge.

Upon collision, the aircraft caught fire and smoke was emitting from it.

A statement was released by Changi Airport on it’s Facebook Page.

Here’s what it said lest you can’t read it:

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An aircraft taking part in the Singapore Airshow was involved in an incident on Changi Airport Runway 1 at about 1.30pm.

The Airport Emergency Service put out the fire.

The pilot has been sent to the aiport clinic for a check-up.

Runway 1 is closed until further notice. Some delays to flight operations are expected.

In addition, photos and videos of the accident have been circulating on social media.

Plane crashes and burns at Singapore Airshow

Posted by KP Lau on Monday, 5 February 2018

Hope the pilot is fine, and that the show can go on!

Meanwhile, if you’re travelling and your flight is delayed, please be considerate lah.

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